Thieves stole shingles from the United Way that would have replaced roofs on three homes. The stolen shingles were worth about $4,128.

As if the United Way weren’t facing enough challenges, some thieves decided to help themselves to 129 bundles of shingles Thursday night that had been given to the organization to use in replacing storm-damaged roofs.

The stolen shingles were worth about $4,128 and would have been enough to replace roofs on about three homes, according to Melissa Reabold, CEO of the United Way of Greater Baytown Area and Chambers County.

Reabold said a contractor employed by the organization arrived Friday at a shed at the United Way’s headquarters on Decker Drive to pick up shingles and found that the lock had been cut off and many of the shingles stolen. The contractor contacted United Way staff, which called police.

Convoy of Hope had donated a load of shingles earlier in the week. It is an international nonprofit group that distributes donated supplies to disaster response efforts.

Reabold said not all of the shingles were taken—enough were left for about one roof. She speculated that either the vehicle the thieves used could not hold more or that something scared them off. Also, part of the donated load had already been used over the last couple of days.

“When we get in-kind gifts like that it’s very useful because we don’t have to spend the money on it. Those are items we need,” she said. “It does make an impact on the ability to help people in our community.

United Way is located in the same office park in the 5300 block of Decker Drive as Bay Area Rehabilitation Services, which reported a van and trailer stolen on Nov. 1. 

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