The Goose Creek CISD board paid tribute to the members of the Class of 2020 that are going into the military this year. The district had decided to hold a virtual graduation ceremony as well as a face-to-face ceremony in July. Some of the seniors are going into the military and will be unable to attend the face-to-face ceremony. The board chose to honor each one with a video presentation at its meeting. 


The students are:

Allysa Carbajal, U.S. Army 

Rubi Herrera, U.S. Navy

Torrance Hilstock, U.S. Army Reserve

Brenden Ross, U.S. Navy

Abraham Casas, U.S. Marine Corps

Jaylen Ford, U.S. Air Force

Elian Richarte, U.S. Marine Corps

Daniel Flores, U.S. Army

Marcus Botello, U.S. Navy

Logan Griffin, U.S. Army

Trenton Brown, U.S. Navy

Alexander Main, U.S. Army 

Christian Cockle, U.S. Navy

Colby Buenrostro, U.S. Army Reserve

Nikko Mark Lagrada, U.S. Navy

Gustavo Hernandez, U.S. Marine Corps

Logan Lopez, U.S. Navy

Bryan Lomax, U.S. Marine Corps 

Aubrey Griffin, U.S. Air Force

Cody Mead, U.S. Marine Corps

Kylar Samuels, U.S. Army

Travis Roach, U.S. Marine Corps

Lexus Harrington, U.S. Marine Corps

Nolan Welfl, U.S. Marine Corps

Ezekiel Soogrim, U.S. Marine Corps

Jocelynn Rueda, U.S. National Guard

LuzMaday Contreras, U.S. Navy

Aries Salazar, U.S. National 

Guard Giovanni Deleon, U.S. Navy

            —Matt Hollis



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