Bad guy


A vigilant citizen and three law enforcement agencies teamed up to nab a suspect in a Tuesday morning burglary.

Dannan Westley Masters, 32, was arrested near the intersection of Interstate 10 and Sjolander Road about 11:45 a.m. Tuesday, according to Baytown police spokesman Sgt. Jason Kelly.

He said that a citizen saw someone removing items from a garage in the 10100 block of Gloria Drive and called 911. Even though that location is in Baytown, it is right at the edge of town so the call was routed to the Chambers County dispatcher instead of Baytown’s.

The citizen then followed the suspect, keeping the dispatcher apprised of the location.

A DPS trooper and a Chambers County deputy then stopped the suspect and notified Baytown police, who arrested Masters.

Kelly said the owner of the garage was able to identify some of his property that was in Masters’ possession: tools, scuba gear and six high-pressure cylinders.

Lt. Steve Dorris said in a separate interview that the department does not encourage citizens to 

follow suspects. “Bad things can happen,” he said. “But when people do [follow] it does tend to make our job a little bit easier.”

Cell phones, he said have been a real game changer for law enforcement.

“I think the fact that everybody has a cell phone these days that that contributes to crime being reported faster--not because necessarily that they’re taking pictures or doing anything else--it’s just that everybody, no matter where they are, has something they can call 911 or call the police with,” Dorris said.

“It’s a force multiplier for eyes,” he continued. “If anybody sees anything, they can call pretty much instantly.”

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