Barbers Hill Elementary School North Assistant Principal, Tara Pohorily with her son Brock who will be a second grader this year. (BHISD photo)

It is time to watch your speed when driving near schools, because the kids are back in school.

Students at Barbers Hill ISD, Crosby ISD and Anahuac ISD will resume classes today. Goose Creek CISD, Baytown Christian Academy and St. Joseph’s Catholic School began school Tuesday. 

At BHISD, the student enrollment is 6,233 students for this year, according to Jami Navarre, the district’s spokeswoman. 

Navarre said the main focus this year is safety. 

“We are focused on social-emotional learning, which connects with safety, but it is about building relationships with students and being kind,” Navarre said. “So many school districts focus on the curriculum and the structure of teaching, which is important. But the main focus is building those relationships with students and fostering those relationships with the community as well.  We are really making sure the social, emotional learning piece of our students is a priority.”

Navarre said they are ahead of the game in the wake of Gov. Greg Abbott signing Senate Bill 11 in June. The bill stipulates schools implement a “multi-hazard emergency operations plan.”

“We’ve had safety and emergency procedures already in place. It has been a priority for our district and board for years,” Navarre said. “We want to stay ahead of the most innovative information that is out there and make sure we are doing everything we can to provide the safest environment we can. One of the advanced pieces is the social/emotional part of it. What happens on the locks on doors, yes, that is important, and what is going on within the facility, but what is going on in the hearts of kids and how to better serve the children is where our priority is focused.”

At Anahuac ISD, students will be coming back to school along with 49 new employees with 27 of them being new teachers.  

“There is an excitement in Anahuac ISD this year, as we continue to strive toward excellence,” said Superintendent Dennis Wagner. 

Crosby ISD also starts school today. It has hired about 120 new educators for the new school year. 

Some other districts are starting later than most such as Deer Park ISD and La Porte ISD. Both welcome students back to class Tuesday. Pasadena ISD starts school Monday.  

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