The Baytown City Council met in a special meeting Monday. Listed are some of the actions taken.


Alvarado declared District 1 winner

The City Council formally accepted the voting results of the Nov. 5 election and certified Laura Alvarado as the winner for the District 1 race, as well as uncontested candidates Chris Presley in District 2 and Charles Johnson in District 3.


Trash fees going up

The monthly cost of trash collection in Baytown will increase by about $3 a month for homes and about $5 a month for small businesses after action by the council.

In 2017, the city’s waste collection company, Waste Management, said it would raise rates by 40%.

The city initially said it would cancel its contract with Waste Management, but after surveys and citizen input favored keeping the company’s service, the city negotiated future increases less than the original 40% proposal. This increase is the second of the two increases agreed to at that time.


Fire Station 1 traffic

In a work session before the meeting, the council heard a report on the possibility of installing dedicated stoplights in front of Fire Station 1 to stop traffic on Garth Road when an emergency vehicle is preparing to exit.

The fire station is across the street from Walmart and near the Cedar Bayou Lynchburg intersection.

The council had previously considered relocating the station, but instead asked for options on how to deal with congestion and safety at the heavily traveled location.

After raising concerns about how effective the signal would be and possible unintended effects on both safety and response times, the council asked staff to consider incremental measures, such as starting with flashing caution signs similar to those used at school zones.

City manager Rick Davis also noted that planned reconstruction of Garth Road could affect the traffic flow in the area and that a study is underway to consider the best placement of the city’s fire and EMS stations.

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