Photo submitted by Ryan HolzaepfelChief Patrick McDonald of the Beach City Volunteer Fire Department examines his equipment while battling a home fire in Cove. Multiple fire departments helped put out the blaze and no injuries were reported. 

A house fire in the 6200 block of Grand Isle required help from multiple local fire departments to extinguish the blaze Friday morning. 

Chambers County Fire Marshal Ryan Holzaepfel said they know where the fire started, but not yet how. 

“We know it definitely started in the garage, not only just from the investigation but also from witness statements,” Holzaepfel said. “Right now, we are still working on the investigation to see if we can narrow it down from there.”

Holzaepfel said no injuries were reported.

The firefighters were also able to prevent the blaze from damaging the nearby homes. 

The first fire trucks to arrive on the scene were from the Cove Volunteer Fire Department, Holzaepfel said. 

Other fire departments on the scene include Trinity Bay EMS, Mont Belvieu FD, Hankamer VFD, Wallisville VFD, Westlake VFD, and Old River-Winfree VFD. 

Holzaepfel said Beach City VFD was on the scene as were members of the Chambers County Sheriff Department. In addition, the Oak Island-Double Bayou VFD was dispatched to the fire, while Anahuac VFD was dispatched for its tankers.

“The way this works is the different departments have tankers with large amounts of water on them. So, what they were doing was some of the departments that were far away, they requested them to bring their water tankers to help with the water supply since there is no water system in that area,” Holzaepfel said. “They have to set up a shuttle, but they set up these folding tanks that look like a swimming pool. It has a liner in it, but it is collapsible. They set these up and draw water out of it, and the other trucks keep them full of water and set up a shuttle.”

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