Kendal Williamson, known affectionately as ‘Fat Mac,’ died this week, and his commitment to Baytown will be missed. 

Williamson will always be remembered for his generosity every Christmas, as he would collect and refurbish old bikes for kids in need. 

“It’s very hard to sum Mac up in a few words but Mac lived his life in service to others,” Teresa Polaski, Williamson’s daughter, said. “From serving his country to serving his community. He protected us and served us in all that he did. Mac showed his love for others in how he served. That was his love language. 

“We will miss his love dearly,” she added. 

For nearly two decades, Williamson, who was a retired Baytown police officer, donated the refurbished bikes to children during the Christmas season, making the holiday even more memorable for hundreds each year. 

Williamson would accept donations throughout the year and would personally fix bikes at his shop on Bayway Drive. 

When the news of his death spread throughout social media, Baytonians expressed their symphonies and prayers. 

Ken Pridgeon, Baytown painter who makes portraits of fallen soldiers, said Christmas would never be the same in Baytown without Mac. 

In 2017, Pridgeon painted a portrait of Williamson, with a joyful child riding a bicycle, and presented it to him when Williamson was in the hospital. 

Because of his commitment to Baytown, Williamson will always be a part of Baytown history. 

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