Chambers County

Bridge design for FM 1409 sought

Chambers County commissioners are making a request from the Texas Department of Transportation to design a bridge so Interstate 10 would go over the future FM 1409. 

Pct. 4 Commissioner Billy Combs explained the bridge design would then be submitted to the Houston-Galveston Area Council for approval in their 2020 “call for projects.”  

“If it gets funded, TxDOT will build a bridge over FM 1409,” Combs said. “But, if not, the county will go ahead with our plans to put the bridge over FM 1409.”

If TxDOT ends up building the bridge, they will use funds from the Transportation Improvement Funding.

“We are trying to get a shovel-ready project, and it will carry more weight and, hopefully, we will get it done,” Combs said. 

Commissioners honored local dispatchers 

Chambers County commissioners declared April 14 through 20 as National Public Safety Telecommunications Week. County Judge Jimmy Sylvia read a proclamation saying when an emergency occurs, law enforcement, fire officials, medical services personnel are on-hand to protect people and preserve property.

Sylvia said public safety telecommunicators in Chambers County have contributed to the apprehension of criminals, suppression of fires and treatment of patients.

“Each dispatcher has displayed compassion, understanding and professionalism during the performance of their job in the past year,” Sylvia said. 

Sylvia also said the telecommunicators assistance in the wake of the crash of Flight 3591 in Anahuac.

“I know during the airplane crash, it was a trying time,” Sylvia said. “You folks did an outstanding job.” 

Sexual assault victims recognized by commissioners 

By proclaiming April 2019 as Sexual Assault Awareness Month in Chambers County, commissioners recognized the plight of sexual assault victims. 

Pct. 4 Commissioner Billy Combs said the importance of sexual assault awareness is recognized through the commissioner’s proclamation.

“We encourage society to acknowledge its existence,” Combs said. “Also, we want to help end the most unreported crimes in our nation by becoming familiar with resources and support systems available to survivors that assist in ensuring their quality of life. Understand the benefit of community support is one of the greatest tools of reinforcement.”

Members of the Bay Area Turning Point were present for the proclamation. Judge Jimmy Sylvia thanked them for their support. 

The declaration was also an opportunity to remind folks of the upcoming Chalk the Walk event on April 15 in Chambers County. 

Commissioners support Babin’s equality bill 

Chambers County commissioners threw their support behind the passage of Congressional Bill House Resolution 759, known as the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo and Alabama-Coushatta Tribes of Texas Equal and Fair Opportunity Settlement Act. 

The commissioners are urging Congress to pass the resolution. Congressman Brian Babin filed the resolution in January. 

The Alabama-Coushatta Tribes of Texas are a federally recognized Native American tribe In Polk County. Pct. 3 Commissioner Gary Nelson said they are committed to the economic development and creation of jobs in Polk County as well as the surrounding counties of East Texas.

“The tribe of Texas got an electronic bingo facility, and it has created over 560 new jobs in East Texas, is the third largest employer in the region and is responsible for injecting nearly $140 million annually in revenue in the region,” Nelson said. “And the tribe invited over 46 fully paid collegiate scholarships from graduating high school students from the tribe in 2018. The tribe continues to be a community partner and contributed $500,000 in donations after Hurricane Harvey to several counties and purchased 30 mobile homes units.”

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