Goose Creek CISD

Goose Creek CISD on Wednesday revealed its new school start times — with some parents venting their frustrations about the change.

In January, the board made a decision to change the school start times after taking into account public input, a move board members say will help students enhance their academic performance. 

“Following the Board’s directive to develop a  bell schedule that would have no school start before 7:30 a.m. and high school not start before 8:15 a.m. several district administrators worked together to put together a bell schedule that would fit within those parameters, taking into account instruction time, staff availability and transportation needs,” said Beth Dombrowa, Goose Creek CISD spokeswoman.

Dombrowa explained that when the board voted in January, they gave an administrative committee made up of district personnel a directive to come up with a schedule that fit those criteria. 

“We looked at things like transportation needs, routes and the logistics of it and this is the schedule we came up with,” Dombrowa said. 

Not everyone is happy with the news.

On the district’s Facebook page, where the new times were posted, parents like Ashley Henry Schrader expressed their dismay.

“So my 7 year old should go home and babysit himself for a couple hours before my 16 year old can get there ?? Nice!!!” Schrader posted. “Maybe all these elementary kids new Daycare bills should be submitted to the school. (Junior) high gets out at 4:30 p.m.?? So not only pack their lunch for school you better pack them dinner too!!”

Another parent, Trisha Ortiz, posted that the time change is “the dumbest change ever.”

Mary Kaelyn Bigham called the update, “so stupid.” 

“(Junior) High won’t start until 9?!” read Bingham’s post. “High school won’t get out until almost 4! What about the kids that have to have jobs?! What about the sports? They’re going to be missing more class on days they have away games than they ever have!! I’m pretty sure the community voted AGAINST this.”

The new hours will go into effect for both students and staff beginning with the 2018-2019 school year.

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