Today is the first day to file to be on the ballot for the May 2 General Election. Locally, Barbers Hill ISD, City of Anahuac and the City of Mont Belvieu will have elections.

Other local communities do not have elections scheduled for their governing bodies, but may call elections if they have a bond issue, referendum or other need.

The May election is distinct from the March 3 Primary Election, which can cause confusion since the two campaign periods overlap.

Two Barbers Hill ISD Trustees have terms ending in May: George Barrera in Position 3 and Clint Pipes in Position 4.

For the City of Mont Belvieu, the terms ending in May are Mayor Nick Dixon, Position 1 Council Member Mike Pomykal and Position 2 Council Member Ricky Shelton.

In Anahuac, the two terms ending are Position 4, Deidre Crews and Position 5 Danny Thompson.

Filing is open through Feb. 14 for both incumbents seeking re-election and citizens who wish to challenge them.

Filing requirements for all of the bodies are available at each one’s main administration building or, for Barbers Hill and Mont Belvieu, on their website. Generally you must be a registered voter who lives within the city or district in order to run.

Feb. 14 is also the deadline for any political unit to call for an election May 2 for a bond issue or other measure.

April 2 is the deadline to register to vote in the May 2 election.

Early voting will be April 20-April 28, with the General Election Saturday, May 2.

Goose Creek CISD and the Lee College District also have May elections, but only on odd-numbered years.

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