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The Altus Emergency Center in Baytown partnered with City Ambulance Services to provide free basic life support training to Goose Creek CISD nurses Thursday. Nurses Norma Brindza of B.P. Hopper Primary, Mayra White of IMPACT Early College High School and Lana Listi of Lee High School work as a team practicing life-saving techniques.  

All 32 Goose Creek CISD nurses renewed their basic life support training Thursday, thanks to the Altus Emergency Center in Baytown and City Ambulance Services. 

School nurses took the free two-hour course to learn both single-rescuer and team life support skills, with a focus in CPR and team dynamics. 

“We are elated to be able to provide basic life support renewal courses to Goose Creek nurses in partnership with City Ambulance Services. Patricia Pena, Health Services coordinator for Goose Creek, and I have been friends since I began working at Altus Emergency Center’s Baytown location,” Kristin Kappler, Altus assistant administrator, said. “We continue to have conversations about how we can be of assistance to the school district’s nursing staff. They do so much for Baytown’s youth and the least we can do is provide this service to give back for all they do.”

As part of the course, the nurses were taught adult and infant CPR procedures, defibrillator techniques and proper abdominal thrust, or Heimlich maneuver, methods. 

Three classes were offered at Altus on W. Baker Road, where Josh Zigal of Ambulance Services instructed teachers. Zigal demonstrated and allowed hands-on experience to instill the life-saving methods. He also reminded the nurses to maintain a push rate on the chest of 100 to 120 compressions per minute, which corresponds to the Bee Gee’s “Stayin’ Alive.” Zigal also informed nurses that the first verse of “Baby Shark” is now an ideal song for CPR, as the beat registers at 115 beats per minute. 

District nurses have been certified but must renew their training every two years, which is what Altus and City Ambulance Services provided Thursday at no cost. 

Altus has worked with the Goose Creek Health Services in the past, offering training to the Goose Creek CISD Police Department and district classes last year. 

“We do this because we’re always looking to get out the community and see where we can help,” Kappler said. 

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