First day of school arrives for Goose Creek

Gladys Prado, a first-grade teacher at Lamar Elementary, staples the names of her new students outside her classroom in the hall Monday in preparation of the first day of school, which is today.

For students at Goose Creek CISD, the summer vacation is over and school is back in session. 

School bells will start at 7:30 a.m. today and students will take their seats once again.   The school year is beginning with an estimated 23,273 students across Goose Creek CISD’s 28 campuses. 

“That number will go a lot higher than that because many students are not enrolled yet,” said Susan Passmore, GCCISD spokeswoman, about the enrollment. 

A total of 262 new teachers will lead classrooms at Goose Creek with 53 of them former students at the district. 

As a result of the recent $335 million bond passage, some projects will begin this school year. One of them is the replacement of the San Jacinto Elementary building, which opened in 1982. Many have said the school is too small and suffers from issues such as sewage drainage. The construction will not effect students at the current San Jacinto.

Another project expected to begin at the same time is the construction of Junior School No. 6 on Wallisville next to Goose Creek Memorial High School. Superintendent Randal O’Brien has said the district is at five junior high schools and all are at building capacity. 

And the construction of Elementary School No. 17 is coming soon north of Interstate 10 near the Goose Creek Landing subdivision, Passmore said. 

Send us your back-to-school photos 

School is back in session today for students in Baytown, Highlands and beyond. As your kids climb aboard that school bus for the first time this year, snap a photo and send it our way because we want to share all your back-to-school photos in The Sun. 

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