Alex and Patricia Alvarez met during in-service as Robert E. Lee teachers and a spark grew into marriage. 

Alex and Patricia Alvarez’s love story began three years ago during in-service at Goose Creek CISD. Patricia was the FFA sponsor at REL and Alex has joined the Gander coaching staff. 

There was an immediate attraction. 

“I was with my teaching partner and said, ‘I need to talk to that guy right there,’” Patricia said. ‘That was exactly what I told him. That was my first impression.”

Alex said at the time of his first in-service, he was single and ready to mingle and that ended quickly. They began talking on social media and the spark between the couple grew. 

“She did some voodoo on me,” he said. “I was not ready to settle down.”

The romance blossomed into marriage and the couple exchanged vows on a beach a year and a half ago. The relationship has grown stronger as they have complemented each other in their professional lives and been there to support each other.

“I know how to walk steers,” Alex said. “I didn’t know anything about animals.”

For her part, Patricia has had to learn about football and it has also been a growing process. 

“I know more about football now,” she said. “I still don’t know what the positions are but I know what they are doing. Go Ganders.”

The best part is on game night, Patricia is in the stands and during shows, Alex is seated with Patricia and the other students ready to lend a helping hand.

“He is very patient with me,” she said. “He is very supportive of my very busy career of FFA teaching and we have the same type of passion for kids.”

Alex describes Patricia as very driven, which has had an impact on him.

“The best thing I like about her is her feistiness,” he said, “and her will to be a success. She is the first girl I met that was going in the right direction and not depending on anyone else to get where she was going.”

The two also see working together as a strength. 

“It’s why working at Lee works for us,” Alex said. “She has helped me most of all. If not for her, I would not have gotten my Masters.”

Although working on opposite sides of the building, having the common experience gives them something to share.

“We can talk about what is going on, what is going on in his side of the world and what is going on in my side of the world,” Patricia said. “We talk about it at night and it gives us closure to the end of the day before we go to bed.”


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