President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at Kellogg Arena, Wednesday in Battle Creek, Mich.

After hours of debate on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives to vote on two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump following weeks of testimony concerning a phone call with Ukraine’s leader, plus debates that at times became hotly contested, many Americans have strong opinions on the issue, whether they support the president or not. 

The Baytown Sun asked several local citizens what were their thoughts on the impeachment hearings, the president, and where they think the country is headed. 


Thomas Parent 

Baytown resident

“I feel like the Democrats have had it out for Trump since the 2016 election. The Democrats cannot accept that they lost the 2016 election. I do not think this will change their opinions. I think people are so set on one way or another, that it will not change anyone’s mind. It is such a polarizing issue, and people have already made up their minds. And the news does not help. We have CNN and MSNBC, and those guys on one side and Fox News is trying to counter on the other side with a different extreme. Really, the truth lies in the middle.” 


Jackey Lasater,

Beach City mayor

“My opinion about the impeachment is first, I am a Trump supporter. He does make me cringe sometimes, and I do not think he is a polished politician. He speaks his mind, and sometimes that is not a good thing. But I like the fact he cannot be bought. And this impeachment is purely a political ploy on the Democrats part. They have been wanting to do this since he was inaugurated. It is because they don’t like him. And I understand why some people don’t like him. 

But my retirement account has grown significantly since he has come into office. And I think the Democrats are making a bad mistake, politically. A lot of people in the United States will see through a lot of this. And I think it’ll have a lot of repercussions.” 


Chuck Crews

Baytown Area Democrats member

“Impeachment is long overdue. Trump comes from a criminal background with his work in New York State, and his work with the casinos. That is the way he does business and is trying to run America like a crime syndicate. It is really disgusting. The back dealings in trying to withhold aid from Ukraine based on having a political opponent investigated to try to stir up bad publicity is just the dirtiest thing. 

I am legitimately concerned that his Republican allies in the Senate will hold a kangaroo court and not do anything at all. I expect most of them to be traitors to their oath of office. And I am concerned they are going to be ruining America. We are supposed to stand for truth, liberty and justice and there is not a Republican that has a spine that will do that.” 


Pete Alfaro

Lee College Regent and former mayor

“Based on all of the data I see and listening to both sides of the story, it appears there is not enough evidence to impeach. 

“I have looked at both sides of the equation, and it does not appear to be any basis for impeachment.” 


Bob Hoskins

Baytown councilman

“It is a hot topic, and it is very interesting how they are going down the party lines. Democrats will vote the Democratic way, and the Republicans will vote the Republicans’ way, and one is not listening to the other. The difference from the other impeachments is they actually had evidence and could prove there was a crime committed. In this one, the Democrats keep saying there is a crime but cannot prove it. That says it is just theology. It will get into the Senate, and a trial will take place, everyone will vote down party lines, and Trump will not be removed from office. It is a waste of time. I cannot believe that they cannot see that, whether they are Democrat or Republican.

I also want to say I do not like Trump one bit. I do not like the way he talks to people or Tweets to them. But I’ll vote for him in the next election because he has shown results. Even though I don’t like him, I will vote for him again simply because he has done a good job.” 


Matthew Faulkner

Baytown resident

“I heard some of it today, and this guy (Rep. Adam Schiff) just quoted Alexander Hamilton. And that quote could apply to a whole bunch of them. I personally think the impeachment hearings are a farce. The Democratic Party is using it to quagmire this president, and it seems like politics at best.” 


Tom Cottar

Baytown resident  

“I believe that the impeachment is a carry-over from the fact that the Democrats cannot get over losing the last presidential election. They are not even following the same procedure that was followed when Bill Clinton was impeached. I support Donald Trump and I’ll vote for him again.” 


Jack Adcox

Baytown business owner

“Why don’t they impeach (Rep. Adam) Schiff, (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi, the Clintons, the Obamas and put them in jail?  I think the Republicans will get control back of the House and the Senate. The country is in a hell of a shape anyway. The Liberals have been preaching to our kids in school, and they do not know what Socialism is. It is easy to preach something but hard to go live it. 

If you look at what Trump has done in his short tenure, in my opinion, he is the best president this country has ever had, maybe since Abraham Lincoln. How do you argue with this economy? If the Democrats spend more time doing the things we need one in this country rather than acting on their hatred, we would be in a much better place today.”


M.A. Bengtson 

Baytown Sun Advisory Board member 

“The most critical aspect of the vote to impeach is the divisiveness that issue is causing in our country. We already have divisive issues, and to bring this to a vote has exacerbated that issue. It is impossible to separate people’s views on this subject because of the intensity of the feelings that have been tied to the people involved.  

The whole situation has been intensified by the personalities of the people involved. The extreme views on both sides are preventing our government work for all. We need to work back to the middle.” 


Steven Adrien

Bayway resident

“I am absolutely for impeachment. It was a U.S. Constitutional process given to us by the founding fathers to remove a corrupt President. If the Senators do not take their oath seriously, it is just going to encourage future Presidents to be even worse. It is going to devastate our country.” 


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(4) comments

Just Steve

My kinfolks came down during Thanksgiving and they HATE him. They all slept in a house of republicans. I asked why do you hate him? He's a bully! His Hair, did you see his Hair! It’s amazing to actually see how the media can steer people. My house is full of Trump calendars and refrigerator magnets. I sat in a house of Christian hypocrites a whole week. It’s obvious why this was done. Nothing to do with Trump's performance. All to do with a shocking loss in 2016. 2nd place is unacceptable. I'll vote for him again and I will support him through his next term because along with the majority America was ready for a change and got it. I don't think older people will not remember today's headlines, but always remember hours of character assassination by democrats. All cooked up in a basement unknown to us paying them. A mutiny! Our children will study this and use it against whatever stands in their way to gaining personal success.


Some of the comments supporting Trump are hilarious. One in particular where it was based on looking at both sides and did not find an impeachable offense. I'm sorry but if you really did looked and analyzed the evidence you would find no outcome but to impeach, not considering the fact that he has blocked evidence and witnesses from testifying, which he said would exonerate

him. I ask, if you were charged with a felony and knew witnesses who could exonerate you would you ask them not to testify? That in itself should tell you something. All the other comments are from totally Red, Republicans who wouldn't change their minds if he shot someone on Times Square .

Alan H

Just Steve, here's a fun fact for you. Since Trump took office in 2016 he's told approximately 15,000 lies. Using one of your Trump calendars, that's about 14 lies per day since 2016. Christians don't lie, but hypocrites do. Trump is the hypocrite and he sure ain't no Christian.

Alan H

Mr Adcox, you did a great disservice to Abe Lincoln comparing his presidential greatness to Trump's incompetence. Lincoln was a moderate Republican and war hero. Trump is an extreme cult conservative racist who was disgraced as a draft dodger with a bone spur on his foot. Presidential historians rate Lincoln as one of the greatest Presidents and Trump is rated as the WORST president ever. Trump's legacy will be lies, fraud and impeachment. Aren't you proud?

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