Sandra Rosenbaum-Garza and her husband, Jesse, have been married since Valentine’s Day 1987.

Some say a love that lasts never grows old. 

That might be a good way to describe the love Sandra and Jesse-Rosenbaum Garza have for each other.  

The couple was married on Valentine’s Day 1987, and they are still as much in love with each today as they were 33 years ago. 

“We started dating when I was 13, and he was 14 between eighth and ninth grade,” Sandra Rosenbaum-Garza said. “I was leaving Baytown Junior, and he was leaving Horace Mann, then going to Robert E. Lee High School. He was my brother’s friend, and that is how I met him.”

Sandra Rosenbaum-Garza said they dated all through high school, took a short break from each other, but rekindled their relationship, and it still going strong, 38 years after they first met.  

But there have been challenges throughout the years. Sandra Rosenbaum-Garza was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago and had to undergo 21 surgeries. 

“I had cancer twice,” she said. “Right now, it is in remission.”

During the struggles of going through the surgeries, Sandra Rosenbaum-Garza said her husband never left her side. 

“That is why I felt it was important to honor him,” she said. “I remember the day I told him that I got a call from the doctor saying I had cancer. You talk about a grown man crying like a child. He said, ‘It is Ok, honey. We are going to get through this together.’ And we have. It’s been an obstacle course, a roller coaster ride, but it has worked.”

Sandra Rosenbaum-Garza said the formula for staying together all of these years is showing respect for each other. 

“We do not curse each other, we do not belittle each other, we do not do anything to make the other person feel superior to the other,” she said. “I grew up in an abusive home with my parents, and him as well, so we decided early one that we were not going to live like that. We did not like the surroundings we were living in, but we had no choice because that was family. Even today, my children, our daughters are grown and not once have they ever heard us argue.”

Sandra Rosenbaum-Garza said going to church and keeping God first has also helped with their marriage. 

“We go to Second Baytown (Church). And we go to small groups and do a lot of activities,” she said. “A couple that prays together stays together.”

Instead of taking a huge trip this year, the couple is just going to stay home and celebrate their long marriage. 

“But as soon as he gets a day off, he said I will call you to pack your bags and let’s go,” Sandra Rosenbaum-Garza said. “We love to go to the Texas Hill Country. It is our favorite spot.”

Sandra Rosenbaum-Garza said they eventually plan to sell the home, buy an RV and travel the country. 

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