Floodwater threatens to cross Sjolander Road Thursday following a torrentialdownpours In Baytown. 

Tropical Storm Imelda dropped an excessive amount of rain on Harris County Thursday, prompting over 1,000 rescues and evacuations throughout the county. 

In parts of Precinct 2, mainly Crosby, Barrett and Highlands, communities received at least 10 inches of rain. 

“It’s hard to tell what the damage is right now because (Harris County) is still in rescue-mode, but it’s significant,” Frida Villalobos, Harris County Pct. 2 spokeswoman, said. “I don’t they think they expected (Imelda) to be as significant as it has been.”  

The excessive rain caused a long list of road closures in Crosby with dozens of roads reported underwater. 

In response to flooding, county first responders performed 1,200 to 1,500 rescues and evacuations and set up 13 shelters in place. 

As of Thursday afternoon, there were no reports of fatalities in the county but only minor injuries. 

As a result of Hurricane Harvey, Harris County first responders were prepared for the influx of rescues needed with 160% growth in high water resources since the hurricane, according to Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo. 

“That’s allowed us to respond adequately to the calls we’re receiving,” Hidalgo said. 

Villalobos said county officials are still assessing the damage from the storm, but anyone with a flooded home should call the Harris County Flood Control District hotline at 346-286-4000. 

Harris County Meteorologist Jeff Linder said Cedar Bayou was hit the hardest from the storm and would be monitored throughout the weekend. Linder said the bayou would continue to rise throughout Thursday night, especially in the lower end at FM 1942, Interstate 10 and Highway 146 in the Baytown area. 

“Those areas we’re going to have to continue to watch very closely because water is going to continue to raise,” Linder said. “It will start to fall (today), and we’ll probably continue to see flooding along Cedar Bayou, even into the weekend.”      

In preparation for recovery, Harris County also signed a disaster declaration. 

“This disaster declaration will allow us to ensure we have the maximum flexibility we need to respond and recover from this disaster,” Hidalgo said. 

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