A Baytown fire truck was part of a collision between two city vehicles Monday afternoon. A 39-year-old lieutenant with the department and the driver of a dump truck were injured in the accident. 

Two Baytown city vehicles—a fire truck and a dump truck—collided at the intersection of Highway 146 and Ferry Road just after 5 p.m. Monday, sending two city employees to hospitals and tying up rush hour traffic along the congested corridor.

Baytown police spokesman Lt. Steve Dorris said the dump truck was heading west off Ferry Road and the fire truck heading north on Highway 146 when the fire truck struck the dump truck.

The 30-year-old driver of the dump truck was ejected from the vehicle. He was flown to a Houston hospital with a head injury, Dorris said. The driver was in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery at last report.

A passenger in the fire truck, a 39-year-old lieutenant in the fire department, suffered an ankle injury and was taken to Clear Lake Regional Hospital for treatment.

Dorris said the fire truck was not an emergency run. It was returning from a call to Station 3, which is on Massey Tompkins Road near Stephen F. Austin

Elementary School.

City spokeswoman Alicia Jauregui said the fire department does not believe the fire truck can be repaired. Station 3 is now using a reserve fire truck. It will be up to the city’s insurer to determine if the dump truck can be repaired.

Dorris said a police reconstruction team is investigating the accident to determine if there will be any citations or charges.

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