New kidney dialysis center in Baytown

Members of the Baytown Chamber of Commerce recently took part in an open house of the Fresenius Kidney Care facility in Baytown, welcoming the new medical service to the city, which opened in November.  

Fresenius Kidney Care recently opened a new home therapy suite in Baytown to offer people the training needed to do dialysis treatments at home. 

The Fresenius Kidney Care Baytown Home Therapy Suite, with the motto “there’s no place like home” painted on the wall, has a capacity for 100 patients, has seven training rooms and can train patients to use both a Peritoneal Dialysis machine and the NxStage System One hemodialysis system. 

“With home therapies, we are offering people more flexibility to maintain their job, do the things they love and stay active in the community,” Nancy Hicks said, Fresenius Kidney Care Clinic Manager. “People who dialyze at home are able to dialyze more frequently, so they often report feeling more energized.”

About one in seven adults in the U.S. have chronic kidney disease, with many not detecting the condition until they have lost more than 96% of their kidney function. Symptoms and warning signs for late-stage kidney disease include changes in urination, fatigue, swelling in hands or feet and pain the small of the back. Physicians recommend that people who are at risk for chronic Kidney disease get screened at least once a year. More than 600,000 Americans live with kidney failure, which requires either a transplant or dialysis to remove waste from the blood, maintain safe levels of potassium and sodium and control blood pressure. 

“Home dialysis allows patients to receive life-sustaining treatment in the comfort of their homes, on a schedule that works best for their medical and lifestyle priorities,” Dr. Jeffrey Hymes said, chief medical officer for Fresenius Kidney Care. “With the proper education, training and support, we can help most patients thrive on home dialysis.”

The Baytown location at 1671 Rollingbrook Drive has 10 patients ready to utilize the facility with two more in the process. 

“Our patients are very excited because they have a place to call to call their own,” Hicks said. “And with home therapy, it gives them more control of their overall health.” 

The facility also has a social worker and dietician on staff that patients will see every month during their appointment. 

Patients also have access to a nurse by phone 24-hours a day seven days a week, and if needed, have access to tech support for the machines.  

Fresenius Kidney Care is hiring care team members for its newest location, and job listings are posted online. For more about Fresenius Kidney Care, visit

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