When Hurricane Harvey destroyed the pavilion at Roseland Park, that area of Baytown lost one of its most popular destinations. 

But now, a new pavilion is in the works and construction could be completed by the end of summer. 

Baytown City Manager Rick Davis said the city is replacing the structure because of its age and low elevation.

 “It used to have a kitchen, and people could rent it out. But Harvey came along and put six feet of water in it,” Davis said. “After the water subsided and we looked at the structure, and there was wood actually splitting from the swelling and contractions of the wood. We did not feel like it was repairable.”

Davis said the city, along with a Councilman David Himsel, decided to replace the structure and not wait on federal aid since FEMA officials were insistent the building could be repaired. 

City Council signed off on the project Thursday night.

The city has hired Quorum Architecture for $750,000 with funds, Davis said, included in last year’s budget to design a new pavilion. The $750,000 figure also includes the cost of the structure and improvements necessary to the ground to build the new structure.

“We were able to determine a place in the park at a higher elevation,” Davis said. “Some of the costs associated with this project include vehicular access to it because it is not where the old one was. This thing will be a state-of-the-art structure. It has bathrooms, a kitchen and a large meeting area. It will be a really neat thing for people in that community.”

Kim Dowdy of Quorum Architecture spoke to council and provided some of the details associated with the building on the new pavilion. 

Working with the Baytown Parks and Recreation Department, Dowdy said they decided to put the new pavilion in the corner near the volleyball court and splash pad. 

The facility will measure 3,400-square-feet and include an open break room measuring 2,100-square-feet. 

“It will have a capacity of about 156 people with tables and chairs,” Dowdy said. 

The pavilion will have glass doors that will open up on a porch on the backside, and a covered porch that will look onto the splash pad and volleyball court. It will also have a fence-enclosed patio area with a grill.  

The pavilion will have a warming-type kitchen, pass through serving lines, refrigerator and cabinets. 

Dowdy said the pavilion will include storage spaces where the tables and chairs can be easily put away to make more room. Multi-use restrooms will be built within the pavilion as well. 

Himsel asked if a similar storm as Harvey were to strike the area, would the new pavilion flood.

Baytown Parks and Recreation Department Director Scott Johnson said no. 

“This part of the park did not flood,” Johnson said. “If anything like we had in the last 30 to 40 years (were to hit), I think we are good.”

Johnson said the elevation drops off about 4-feet from the new pavilion to the splash pad. 

Dowdy said bids to construct the new pavilion will go out in May. 

“We get calls about (the pavilion) all of the time, so we are ready for it to be back,” Johnson said. 

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