Council has given the green light for the installation of a traffic signal at the intersection of Bush Road and Stonehenge Drive. The item was initiated by several requests, some by the area residents, as well as intertwined with the completion of Phase II of San Jacinto Boulevard.   

Councilman Charles Johnson said nearby residents have been looking for this traffic signal for a long time. 

“I have been stopped at several events where they said they are happy that someone asked questions about it,” Johnson said. “I want to say thank you on behalf of the citizens. They are extremely excited.”

Council received a recommendation about the traffic lights from the Planning and Zoning Commission April 16.

Council also approved a contract with Traffic Systems Constructions to install the lights for $161,463.63. They were the lowest bidder after three bids were received on May 22. 

Cedar Bayou UMC seeks fee reimbursement 

R.D. Burnside appeared before council to ask for a permit fee reimbursement for Cedar Bayou Grace United Methodist Church, located at 2714 Ferry Road.

Burnside, a 40-year member of the church, said he was representing church without pay.

“Our church flooded for last four times, so we are moving across the street on higher ground,” Burnside said. “Our goal is for the next hurricane to serve the community rather than need help from the community.”

Burnside asked for a full refund of $60,000 for permits. 

“We have been here for 175 years, and we are celebrating that this year,” Burnside said.

Mayor Brandon Capetillo said he understood the request and council would consider it.  

Land rezoned off of W. CB-L

Council approved rezoning 1.02 acres of land at 2010 West Cedar Bayou Lynchburg from Open Space/Recreation to General Commercial. 

Director of Planning and Development Services Tiffany Foster the area was annexed by the city in November 2017, and more rezoning of that area is expected due to high interest. 

Foster added the resident that currently lives on the property made the request to go commercial since that is where they see the future of the property. In addition, Councilman Bob Hoskins asked for an amendment so all fees associated with the item could be refunded. Council approved the amendment. 

Another 1.02 acres of land, just north of the aforementioned property, was also rezoned from OR to a Low Density Single-Family Residential Dwellings. Foster said the owner wants to build a home at that location. Fees linked with this item are also to be refunded through an amendment made by council.  

Annexation hearing held

The first of two required in a voluntary annexation was held at council concerning 0.47 acres of land along the eastbound frontage road of Interstate 10 near Thompson Road. No one signed up to speak. 

Chris Chavis, Baytown’s principal planning manager, said the land was in an unincorporated area and the owner, Jorge A. Valencia, wants to come to into the city and market it as a commercial development. 

Before holding the public hearing, council approved a service agreement with Valencia involving the annexation of the property. 

Fee ordinance approved 

Council responded to legislation recently passed through House Bill 852 that restricts city’s, such as Baytown, from assessing residential and inspection fees on the dwelling’s value or on the construction or improvement costs. 

Director of Planning and Development Services Tiffany Foster said the item was not voluntarily brought by staff but was a “gift” from the 2019 Texas Legislative session. She added all fees are based on the delivery of service. 

A full list of fee differences can be found by visiting under the June 13 council meeting link, and then the clicking the Item 8a link under “Proposed Ordinances.” 

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