Prayer Park, Inc. is inviting the public to a prayer event happening on Texas Avenue this weekend. 

The prayer event is set for noon Saturday at Town Square on Texas Avenue. 

Win Richard, Prayer Park founder, said the event should last for about an hour. 

“It is open to everybody that would like to participate,” Richard said. 

Richard explained why they decided to hold a prayer event.

“We are doing this because of the Our Lady of Fatima,” Richard said. “We feel like our country needs prayer at this time.”

Richard said this Saturday also coincides with the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun. The event, also known as the Miracle of Fatima, reportedly happened on Oct. 13, 1917, where a large crowd gathered in Fatima, Portugal, where three shepherd children made a prophecy saying the Virgin Mary would appear on that date. According to testimony from witnesses, they claim to have seen extraordinary solar activity that day, such as the sun seemingly appearing to zigzag in the sky. The Catholic Church declared the incident was one of “supernatural character” in 1930.

Richard said he sent invitations to the local Catholic churches in Baytown requesting people come out. 

“It is a step at a time to spread the Word. And that America needs prayer,” he said. “There is so much division in the country, so we focus on prayer, meditation and unity. We just see a need for prayer in America period.”

Richard addressed the stance some have taken in recent years that thoughts and prayers do not do any good. 

“Prayer is very important,” Richard said. “We need to do what we can do to make things better. Some of the problems in this country, especially with school and mass shootings, is that things that are so unpredictable. To me, it seems like prayer is the answer. We need to divine intervention.”

Richard said he hopes the event will generate an interest in people getting involved and sharing his vision.   

“We would also like to build a Prayer Park and have a place where all people could go for prayer and meditation,” Richard said. 

Richard said he has plans to hold prayer events in different places.

Quoting from “The Secret of the Rosary,” a book written by French priest Saint Louis de Montfort, Richard said public prayer is more powerful than private prayer.

“That  is one reason we feel public prayer is the way to do it,” he said. “Over the years, the church has turned to public prayer when major tragedies occur.”

The Baytown-based organization welcomes anyone to join. Their website is

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