Contractors tasked with repairing the Interstate 10 San Jacinto Bridge have started work that is expected to take three months. 

NBG Constructors, Inc., which made repairs to the bridge earlier this year after a barge strike, was awarded the $3 million emergency contract. 

Deidrea George, Texas Department of Transportation spokeswoman, said time charges for the Interstate 10 westbound bridge started Monday. The contractor is setting up a cofferdam at the bracket of pillars (or Bent 26) to initiate repair work next week. 

“On Bent 28, east of the water channel, they have moved in equipment via barges and are doing preparation work to perform the repairs later on,” George said. “We expect construction to last three months.”  

Once repairs are complete, the transportation agency will file a damage claim with the responsible party’s insurance company to recoup costs. 

“As with the last bridge strike, once all repairs are done, TxDOT will submit the documentation for all related costs as a claim,” George said. “The U.S. Coast Guard is leading this investigation as there were multiple barge companies involved.”  

Multiple barge strikes damaged the San Jacinto Bridge after nine barges broke loose during Tropical Storm Imelda. 

Two barges, carrying 10,000 barrels of naptha and 17,00 barrels or monethylene glycol, became stuck under the bridge after two of the pillars on the west side bridge took the brunt of the damage. A third barge grounded on the San Jacinto River Waste Pits. 

The Harris County Attorney’s Office has also opened an investigation into how the barges broke free and who is responsible and subsequently accountable in preventing this from happening again. 

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