Lee College

Lee College decided to do something during an unprecedented time in the history of America.

With the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down most of America and Harris County implementing a ‘Stay Home’ order, the college will remain closed to the general public and employees will work remotely in an attempt to provide services to the community.

All senior programs and activities have been canceled through the end of April, according to Naomi Cooper of the Center for Workforce and Community Development.

Classes that can be offered during this time include online Yoga and Pilates course via a Facebook group. Two instructors – Diana Aslin and Dannette Waldrop – will lead the course. 

Designed specifically for the 50-plus age group, the Online Yoga for Stability & Ease course is now available.

Two videos a week will be posted by Aslin and can be accessed anytime and watched multiple times. Questions for the instructor can be posted in the Facebook group.

Supplies needed to participate in class: Facebook page, water bottle, workout towel, and yoga mat. 

Registration can be done online through the school or call 281-425-6311. Those who register will receive an email with a link that invites them to sign into the Facebook account and join the group.

The class will be offered through May 1.

Online Pilates for Seniors is also designed for the 50-plus audience in order to do Pilates from the comfort of home. 

Same protocols as above will be in place as Waldrop will lead the group.

This is also available through May 1.

Additionally, for those that participated in January and February Tai Chi classes, there are links available for videos that you can be used to continue working on it.

These videos are for those that have a basic understanding of Tai Chi. 

The first lesson starts at about the 16 minute mark on this YouTube video Tai Chi with Dr. Paul Lam




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