A favorite food store in Mont Belvieu is closing its doors. 

The Thrif-Tee Food Center on 10955 Eagle Park Drive will close for good once they sell off the items inside their store. Everything is 50 percent off, starting today at 8 a.m. until 8 p.m., according to co-owner Bill Monk. 

Monk, who co-owns the store along with Cliff Richey, said the store has been in Mont Belvieu for precisely 23 years. 

When asked why the store was closing, Monk said it was three letters – H.E.B. The new 87,000-square-foot H.E.B. store opened in May at 13401 Interstate 10 to much fanfare. 

“We regret we have to do it, but you have to make sound business decisions,” Monk said. “And this is just one of those things we have to do.” 

Monk was thankful to everyone who has shopped at his store over the last couple of decades. 

“We thank you for the many years and appreciate all of their support and loyalty,” Monk said. 

Over the years, Monk and Richey have been involved in the community, including purchasing the Grand Champion steer at the Chambers County Youth Project Show. In 2015, they bought the grand champion for $10,000 and then again in 2016 for $11,000. 

There is another Thrif-Tee store in Dayton. It has been opened since 1977. Monk said there are no plans to close that store down and it will remain open.

“We’ll stay open in Dayton until one of those three letters come open over there,” Monk said. “But that is just progress. You cannot fight those big stores like that. But right now, we are fine.”

Monk said they plan to remain active within the community. 

“We will always help any town we can, so we’ll be there to help,” he said.

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