Another section of the Cedar Port Industrial Park is set to open in the new year, but expect work throughout 2018, according to developers and officials.

Speaking to a full house at the Beach City council meeting, Trans-Global Solutions Cedar Port Partners gave an update on how their developments are going. 

James Scott, manager of construction & infrastructure for TGS Cedar Port Partners, gave the overview, which included new distribution centers, drainage and road projects related to the 15,000-acre industrial park. 

“You are going to see a lot of work going on at FM 1405,” Scott said. 

Scott said that Ravago, a plastics distribution giant, has purchased 170 acres at Cedar Port where they have developed a 700,000-square-feet of warehousing and administration offices.

That facility is set to open soon, according to Pct. 4 Commissioner Rusty Senac.

Scott talked about the IKEA development, which is where the furniture company is working on two 500,000-square-foot rail served warehouses that they leased. Scott said they moved into one warehouse during the first quarter of this year, and the second is underway.

Another company that is building a facility out at Cedar Port is Vinmar International. They are developing a 500,000-square-foot rail-served industrial facility on a 40-acre site on Sutton Road, off of FM 1405. That facility is set to open in the third or fourth quarter of 2018, Senac said.

Among the questions at the meeting were about the entry into the facility off of Fisher Road and the intersection coming into the TGS property. 

Scott said TGS was was in the final stages with the Texas Department of Transportation to increase the number of lanes at the Fisher and Highway 99 intersection. 

“We are going to make the intersection look like the FM 1405 and 99 intersection,” Scott said. “When we originally met with TxDOT about this large Highway 99 expansion, they really didn’t have any plans to improve that intersection. We will have a turning lane on either side and two additional lightings.”

One audience member asked if TGS will have a warning sign for those coming off Highway 99 so they do not get stuck behind one of the trains that frequent that area. 

“We can talk about FM 565 and the bad train situation there and what the future plans are,” said Senac, who was present for the meeting. “We’ll talk about Highway 146 plan, which includes a separation plan for that road at FM 565. But these are not the bad guys who blocked that.” 

Scott added that they have a crossing at FM 1405.

“I don’t think we have ever had any complaints,” he said. “That is the only road crossing we have.  We try to be cognitive of the situation.”

One resident asked what will any of the additions to TGS do for the people of Beach City. 

“There a lot of additional jobs added within the last three years since we opened, and many have been brought in directly and indirectly,” Scott said. “I think the way the market in the general area will increase and there will be a higher demand for your houses.”

Scott said that the tax revenue brought into Chambers County in the last few years thanks to them is in the hundreds of millions of dollars range.

“All of these projects will greatly strengthen Chambers County’s position,” Scott said. 

Scott added that tax dollars also go to both Barbers Hill ISD and Goose Creek CISD. 

 Scot also said there had been a drainage study performed out at TGS. 

“Many have been seeing surveyors going around,” he said. “We went through all the different roads and looked at all of the drainage and looked at how to improve things. We’ve done about 8,000 acres so far. And we are not done yet. We are trying to understand where the water is going, how much is going where and to what outfalls.”

Sharon Pantin, a Beach City resident, said  TGS is looking nice and clean from her perspective. 

“As long as you leave us the green belt and stay out of our lives, I’m happy,” Pantin said. “And, please, do not bring in any chemical plants.”

Combs said they had discussed the green belt idea a lot with TGS.

“And we will keep discussing it until they dream about green belts,” Combs said.

 Scott ended the evening by assuring residents of their intentions.

“We promise to be better neighbors than the previous landowners,” Scott said. 

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