Thanks to Baytown Miracle-Ear, veterans like Harold Shaffer can regain hearing when they  struggle to afford hearing aids. From left: Office Manager Janie Lewis, Harold Shaffer and Baytown Miracle-Ear Hearing Care Professional Ashley Taylor.

Harold Shaffer still remembers the moments he was able to hear the birds chirping outside his house and the cries of his newborn grandbaby in the hospital. 

This Air Force veteran, who was diagnosed with hearing loss, was grateful for he could hear such sounds that some might take for granted.   

“There’s nothing like it,” Shaffer, a 25-year resident of Baytown, said. “Hearing my grandbabies really made me realize how lucky I was to hear that kind of stuff. It was so amazing.” 

With six granddaughters who love to interact with their grandfather, Shaffer wants nothing more than to hear their voices. 

But without the Miracle-Ear Foundation, that was nearly impossible since Shaffer, like many veterans, struggle to afford hearing aids.  

Once he found out he was a qualified applicant, Shaffer couldn’t help but cry in front of Baytown Miracle-Ear Hearing Care Professional Ashley Taylor and Office Manager Janie Lewis. That moment meant he would receive life-changing and brand-new hearing aids — a $3,000 to $5,000 value — and a lifetime of follow-up services at no cost. 

“Our goal is to help every patient that comes into the office,” Taylor said. “Whether they buy new hearing aids, they’re part of our foundation, or we’re cleaning their current hearing aids. Whatever it is they need, we’re here to help. Our company motto is, show people how much we care before we show them how much we know.” 

Shaffer was first diagnosed with hearing loss soon after deciding to serve his country and continue the family tradition of military service by joining the Air Force in his early 20s. During basic training, it was evident something was wrong. 

“I sometimes had a hard time hearing the commands of officers and sergeants,” Shaffer said. “They sent to a military hospital to take a hearing test and told me my hearing was really bad.” 

After receiving an honorable medical discharge, Shaffer wasn’t able to receive any hearing care assistance because he wasn’t in the Air Force long enough to receive benefits. 

He would have to find help on his own. 

Over the years, Shaffer would have to use subpar hearing aids. But as he got older and technology increased, along with the price, Shaffer needed more help. 

It was in 2017 that he discovered Miracle-Ear after his previous hearing aids were no longer under warranty. 

“The Miracle-Ear staff has been so good to me,” Shaffer said. “Miracle-Ear has helped me so much.” 

In addition to providing hearing aids, Miracle Aids provides a range of services that includes hearing aid repairs, checkups, new technology and used technology. 

“Every patient that comes through our office gets the same care,” Taylor said. “And Miracle-Ear provides a lifetime of service.”  

Located at 1109 W. Baker Rd., Miracle-Ear is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

For more information, call 281-612-1241 or visit

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