The Bay Area Heritage Society will hold its annual fundraiser, “An Evening on the Avenue, A Wine & Cheese Soiree,” next month. 

The event will start at 6 p.m. on May 21 at Dirty Bay, 224 West Texas Ave. and will benefit the Baytown Historical Museum. 

Guest speakers will include Lanny Griffith, Elyse Lanier and Billy Burge. 

Griffith is a Baytown native and has spent much of his life in radio and television in the Houston area. 

Lanier was Houston’s first lady during her husband Mayor Bob Lanier’s administration when he served from 1992-1998. Lanier will speak about her husband’s loyalty to Baytown and his hometown friends. She will also share stories about his strong support for local fundraisers and the many trips they made to Baytown for oyster and fish fries. Lanier will also express the admiration her husband had for the late Fred Hartman. 

Burge, who heads up the Grand Parkway Association and is well versed on economic development and how the 180-mile loop is going to change the way live, will illustrate the role the Grand Parkway will play in Baytown and adjacent counties. 

Single tickets for the event are $60. 

Sponsorship levels are Champagne for $1,500, Sommelier for $1,000, Cru Classe for $500 and Beaujolais for $250. 

The Champagne sponsorship includes six tickets, bottle of Champagne, table service, event recognition and newspaper coverage. The Sommelier sponsorship includes six tickets, bottle of wine, event recognition and newspaper recognition. Cru Classe includes four tickets, event recognition and newspaper recognition. And Beaujolais includes two tickets, event recognition and newspaper coverage. 

There’s a limited number of tickets sold. To reserve a table or to buy tickets, please call the Baytown Historical Museum at 713-805-2843 or 281-427-8768. 

The Bay Area Heritage Society is a nonprofit organization and all proceeds will benefit the Baytown Historical Museum, which educates about 1,600 school children each year about the history of the Baytown area. 

The museum also conducts history tours for many different groups, from young children to seniors and hosts annual events for the community such as the Christmas Open House and the Christmas Tree Fantasy. It also hosts events for service organizations and various other events. 

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