Chambers County clerk named state’s best

Patti Henry, Chambers County district clerk

The County and District Clerks Association of Texas has chosen Patti Henry, Chambers County district clerk, as the District Clerk of the Year.

Henry was elected as the district clerk of Chambers County in 2008.

“I am honored to be chosen from such an outstanding group of clerks for this award,” Henry said. “I take pride in representing my county and the association to the best of my ability in everything I do.”

This marks the second time Henry was nominated. A district clerk can only win the award once. Henry was selected overall of the 253 district clerks in the State of Texas. Annually each region in the CDCAT nominates two clerks, a county clerk and a district clerk for this honor. The Clerk of the Year award qualifications is governed by the organization’s bylaws. 

Members of Region 7 of the County and District Clerks’ Association of Texas nominated Henry. This includes Harris, Waller, Montgomery, Fort Bend, Brazoria, Jefferson, Hardin, Jasper, Newton, Matagorda, Wharton, Colorado, Fayette, Lee, Milam, Robertson, Brazos, Burleson, Washington, Austin, Grimes, Walker, Polk, San Jacinto, Liberty, Trinity, Tyler, Orange, and Chambers counties. 

Nominees are voted on by a secret ballot. Nominees also have to be an active member of the CDCAT and have served at least four years in office.

The award is given based on their service and contribution to the association. Henry has been a regional director, mentor, presenter, and speaker many times for the association.  She has also served on the legislative committee for the past eight years and as district clerk chairman from 2018-2019.

Henry was gracious toward those that nominated her and others for supporting her.

“I really need to thank my husband (Chambers County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Captain Tommy Henry) first,” Henry said. “I would not have run for this office without him. He really encouraged me to do it and helped me get the position.”

Henry added she wanted to also thank Chambers County Judge Jimmy Sylvia, his wife, Laura, as well as Sheriff Brian Hawthorne and County Clerk Heather Hawthorne.

“I’ve had so many fantastic mentors in the association, past clerks who have given me so much knowledge and are generous with their time. And I just want to pay that forward,” Henry said. “Lastly, I couldn’t have done without my fantastic staff, because they handle things when I have to be out of the office, and I am so thankful I have such a great crew.”

Henry’s staff was equally as affable and spoke about her ability to run the district clerk’s office. 

“Patti is an exceptional leader, who is dedicated and passionate in her role as the district clerk of Chambers County,” Henry’s staff said in a statement. “She has our utmost respect and admiration. She is very deserving of this award, and we are proud to call her our boss.”

Henry said people in Chambers County have some things they can look forward to from her office in the near future. One is about anyone summoned for jury duty. 

“It is part of the Odyssey package we purchased in 2017 when we converted,” Henry said. “You can fill out your questionnaire summons online. You are going to be able to follow your exemptions and disqualifications in the system and help which court date you are available for. It is nice to have this online, and have to not fill out as much paperwork. And it will have more flexibility. We are really looking forward to getting that going in the next few months.”

Henry said the new system should guarantee residents will not be picked more than once within a reasonable amount of time.

“I am going to go through the entire list of qualified jurors before I reconstitute,” Henry said. “We are not going to have people serving two to three times in a year.” 

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