The three Goose Creek CISD high school head football coaches spoke Wednesday at the Rotary Club of Baytown and each had plenty of say about the upcoming season.

Held at the Baytown Community Center, the coaches – Tim Finn (Robert E. Lee), Robert Toomer (Ross S. Sterling) and Shannon Carter (Goose Creek Memorial) – talked about their programs and coaching philosophies.

The regular season starts for all three the last week of this month with GCM hosting Sam Rayburn at Stallworth Stadium on Aug. 29 and REL traveling to Houston Westbury and Sterling hosting Clear Creek – at Stallworth – on Aug. 30.

All three games kickoff at 7 p.m.

Finn talked about last year’s 4-6 campaign, which followed three wins in five seasons.

“We wanted to earn some respect last year and we were able to do that,” Finn said. “I am really thrilled about our coaching staff. They are a motivated group of guys and very knowledgeable.”

Finn wants to see not only his team continue to grow but also all sports at REL. The Ganders football team’s high-scoring offense should spark more excitement for the community this fall.

“If you like offense, we have it,” Finn said. “We had a heck of a lot of it last year.”

REL scored 42 points per game, but Finn lamented his young defense going through growing pains a year ago.

“We were like young pups,” Finn said. “Hopefully we are more like young guns this year. We are looking forward to that group growing up last year.”

REL scrimmages at Pasadena High at 7 p.m. Friday.

Toomer talked about the secrets of cooking good gumbo when relating team building with the Rangers, who finished 2-8 a year ago.

“It doesn’t matter what you put in your gumbo as long as the roux is good,” Toomer said. “As long as you are paying attention to the details of what you are putting in and instilling in your kids, you are going to get the roux to be just where you want it.”

Toomer said with his hiring, the Sterling football program had three head coaches in four years and that needed to stop in order to build a foundation.

“It’s not like a job because you get to be a dad to 180 kids every single day,” Toomer said. “That’s something special. Football is what we do, but it is not who I am.”

Sterling has about 160 kids in the program, which Toomer believes is still a bit low for a Class 6A program.

Carter, the district’s only new head coach this season, brought his self-labeled gregarious personality to the Rotary Club when talking about his Patriots, that were 2-8 in 2018.

“I come from a single parent family; my mother raised four boys, so that’s my why I coach,” Carter said. “I took the post May 13 and have been driving back and forth from Katy. We just got our home sold, but I-10 is like a parking lot.”

Carter said that he wanted to come in and establish how things are done the right way and try to win people’s hearts and sell a vision.

“Our administration wants us to be GC giants; it’s up to us to take that vision to the next level,” Carter said. “Our vision is that we are going to speak victory.”

He also spoke about the kids’ efforts this summer in workouts and early practice sessions since the team hit the field on Aug. 5.

“I welcome expectations. I don’t want a job that I can’t be fired from,” Carter said. “Because if you do, you aren’t going to get the best version of who we are.”

GCM scrimmages at home against Hardin-Jefferson at 6:30 p.m. Friday.

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