Baytown is a leafier place thanks to nearly 600 trees added to city parks in the last months of 2019 — and more than 800 more will be in place this spring.

New parks planner Cornell Gordon reported to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee reported that the project, in partnership with ExxonMobil, will add a total of 1,458 trees to city parks in the western and southern parts of the city.

Phase 1 of the project, completed on Dec. 31, planted 238 new trees at Unidad Park, adjacent to the ExxonMobil complex; 121 new trees along the Goose Creek Trail; 159 new trees in Britton Park, along the north shore of Goose Creek just east of Business 146; and 77 new trees at Evergreen Park.

Parks and Recreation Director Scott Johnson said all of the trees have a one-year warranty, and the project included installation of irrigation for the new planting.

Phase 2 of the project should be put out for bids in late January or February, Johnson said, and begin work shortly afterward.

It will add 866 more trees. Those trees are planned for:

• Goose Creek Park, surrounding the lake near Sterling Municipal Library

• RTC Property, across Texas Avenue from Sterling Municipal Library

• Duke Hill Park, on West Main Street south of Goose Creek

• Roseland Park, on Cedar Bayou north of Highway 99

• Bayland Park, on Goose Creek west of Business 146

• McElroy Park, on West Baker near Decker Drive

• Bicentennial Park, near Lee College.

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