Goose Creek board president encouraged by preliminary figures

The preliminary data from the 2019 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness exams, provided by the Texas Education Agency, shows Goose Creek CISD appears to be gaining positively in its averages, especially for elementary and junior high schools. 

Dr. Melissa Duarte, Goose Creek CISD assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, presented the results to the GCCISD board using a three-year comparison broken down by each campus.  

“These are preliminary numbers, and not clean data,” Duarte said. “This is raw information, and we will not receive the final information until August.”

Duarte explained the numbers were broken into three levels - Approaches, Meets and Masters. Approaches mean the student passed the test, and the district receives credit for them. Meets means they are meeting the academic standards the state considers while Masters is the commended level.

Placing the elementary schools in a Domain, where all of the categories are averaged together, Duarte used what she called “Melissa’s Math” to give a glimpse on how the elementary school did overall in each area, including reading, math, fourth-grade writing, and fifth-grade science. 

“This is not exactly how the state is going to calculate it,” Duarte emphasized. “It is a glimpse. I just gave you an average of what Domain I would look like per campus if we took all raw numbers and averaged it out.”

Goose Creek CISD elementary schools had a 44.2 average, a rise up from the 42.70 average in 2018. 

For the junior schools in the categories of reading, math, seventh-grade writing, and eighth-grade social studies, Duarte, once again using “Melissa’s Math,” showed the district went from a 40.33 overall average to 44.52.    

“We grew at the elementary level and at the junior high level,” Duarte said.  

Loredo was pleased with the junior high school preliminary numbers.

“The positive with the junior schools is the most important increase that we could’ve had and I think that happened,” he said. “I had concerns, as did some in the district, with the junior high school numbers, but there is definite growth there.”

Duarte said, for the high school levels in the Domain I score for Algebra I, Ross S. Sterling High School outperformed the IMPACT Early College High School with a 67.33 average compared to a 62.67 average. 

“That was a huge celebration for a large high school,” she said.

Duarte said she did not have a side-by-side comparison for the high schools, but did provide some percentages showing where they fall in the preliminary numbers. 

For IMPACT, the school averaged 77.4 with the percentages in algebra, biology, English I and II and U.S. History. The Stuart Career Center’s average was 44.08, but Duarte said they did not have U.S. History included this year.  

“But they will have that next year, and that helps their average go up,” she said.

Goose Creek Memorial High School had an average of 48.13 while Robert E. Lee High School averaged at 44.4. Ross S. Sterling High School had the greatest gains with a 56.33 average. 

The Peter E. Hyland Center came in with a low 22.87 average.

“They are held to a different accountability standard since they are an alternative campus,” Duarte said. 

Loredo said they would like to be above the state average in all categories.

“But it starts with growth,” Loredo said. “I am very happy and excited we have seen growth in the district. That is good news, especially for the kids and parents. The truth is we have fantastic teachers and staff that support our kids. The state uses the STAAR to grade our schools, and this is proof positive that we are headed in the right direction, and we are taking steps to get to that goal.”

Loredo added that board will now wait for the official numbers to come in this fall. 

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The STAAR test is not a valid measure of student learning. The only thing this tells us is that the schools are getting better at teaching the test.

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