Mont Belvieu

Nearly 9 inches of rain shut down roads and Barbers Hill Schools in Mont Belvieu Thursday as Tropical Storm Imelda moved slowly through the area. 

While the storm caused closers, the city thankfully had a small number of calls for service, according to Brian Ligon, city spokesman. 

“We are very fortunate that the Mont Belvieu Police Department and Mont Belvieu Fire Department had a very low number of calls for service,” he said. “Our responders did have to rescue a motorist on SH 146 whose car flooded out in rising waters.”

Due to the storm, the city made a declaration of disaster. 

As of Thursday afternoon, the Mont Belvieu was not sure if City Hall and other facilities would open today. 

“We will make that determination in the morning and will notify residents through the City’s Facebook page and through the City’s notification system, Mont Belvieu INFORCE,” Ligon said. 

While Barbers Hill schools were closed Thursday, Superintendent Greg Poole said they would also make determine whether or not to have school this morning, no later than 5:30 a.m., giving bus drivers, and parents, time to mobilize. 

Like the city, Barbers Hill was fortunate in that there were no reports of damage to facilities.  

As a result of the storm a handful of roads in Mont Belvieu were forced to close Thursday, which included Eagle Drive, from Interstate 10 to FM 565; Highway 146, from FM 565 to Liberty County Line; FM 565, from Highway 146 to Eagle Drive in both directions; FM 1942 at Highway 146 and Loop 207. 

Ligon said Eagle Drive and Highway 146 reopened around 5 p.m. Thursday. 


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