When U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi named the seven-person prosecution team for President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial Wednesday, one of the team members was familiar to east Harris County residents: Rep. Sylvia Garcia.

Garcia represents the 29th Texas District, which covers parts of the east Houston area. She previously served as a state senator from the 6th District, and before that was Harris County Precinct 2 commissioner—the precinct that includes the Harris County portion of Baytown.

Garcia is an attorney who served under two Houston mayors as presiding judge of the Houston Municipal Court and later as controller for the City of Houston.

In a social media post, Garcia said, “For me this is about upholding my oath of office. I take my responsibility seriously because we are working to defend our Constitution at a pivotal point in our democracy.”

Garcia’s press secretary, Robert Julien, said “The truth will be presented to the American people”

“She is the only member from the State of Texas who’s going to be part of the process,” he said. “She feels the responsibility of what they’re embarking on—of being able to present this case to the American people. For her, it starts being able to present the case back home and throughout the country.”

The man who now serves as Precinct 2 commissioner said much the same thing.

Adrian Garcia (no relation) not only holds the office that Sylvia Garcia once held, but he worked with her when he was Harris County Sheriff and she was commissioner, and also at the City of Houston.

“I think it’s important for the layperson in our community who’s trying to understand this whole conversation is all about. I think she can help provide that communication—that translation—to the average American that may not be watching CNN or Fox every day,” Commissioner Garcia said.

“She’s a woman—she’s a woman of color—the fact that Speaker Pelosi has brought an incredibly diverse group that looks very different than President Clinton’s impeachment trial.

“It makes me proud to see Congresswoman Garcia participate in this process, even though neither she nor I are excited about the fact that it involves the impeachment of a president. I don’t think any member of Congress would ever run on a campaign of saying ‘I’m running to impeach the president of the United States,’ regardless of who the president is.”

Commissioner Garcia said that Representative Garcia is a good choice, partly because she is from Texas.

“I think that’s going to bring a perspective that will help Texans understand what is taking place,” he said.

“She’s understood the judicial process. She knows it well. Even though a municipal court may not be considered at the same level as an impeachment court, it is ultimately the same process. It has the same principles of evidence, it has the same principles of testifying and witnesses and cross-examination and representation. It has all the same elements.


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