City council has approved a $60,300 contract to expand the Goose Creek trails.

Council unanimously approved the contract with Hutchison & Associates for two phases for the trails, Phases VII and VIII. The proposed trails will measure an additional 1.47 miles. 

Scott Johnson, Parks and Recreation director, said this should finish the trails unless the city decides to go north of Interstate 10. 

“When we get to the CenterPoint transmission towers by the Houston Methodist Baytown Hospital, we’ll go under them and head north. The plan is to go all the way,” Johnson said. 

This will also tie sidewalks to the trail from Country Club Manor neighborhood and to Garth Road. 

Johnson said Hutchison & Associates will design, survey and come up with the easement permits to take the trails to Santavy from Baker Road.  

“That will also tie into the (Eddie Huron Park),” he said. “It has a trail and the sidewalks where the old Krogers was located. And we’ll probably put a connection to where the Home Depot is.”

Both sections follow the CenterPoint transmission corridor. The city will need permission to accomplish this task. CenterPoint is 

currently doing construction along the corridor, and its project is expected to be complete sometime early this year. In the meantime, this will allow for time for the surveys and construction drawings necessary for the CenterPoint easement and permit. 

Johnson said the hardest part is figuring out how to get across Cedar Bayou Lynchburg.

“That is the biggest challenge, and that is why we are stopping there,” Johnson said. “Hopefully, Harris County will come in and work on that road. If so, we will not take it north. We’ll will connect to a 10-foot wide trail that goes down San Jacinto Boulevard instead of going north. That way, trail walkers can get across Cedar Bayou Lynchburg safely.”

Hutchison & Associates will start work immediately, Johnson said. 

Physical work on the trails will take place during the 2021 fiscal year. After the trails are complete, it will stretch 7.35 miles from Bayland Park to the San Jacinto Marketplace.  

The Municipal Development District 2020 Budget is funding the project. 

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