The Baytown Mayor’s Community Engagement Advisory Committee will hold its second public meeting from noon-2 p.m. Saturday at Second Baptist Church, 6227 N. Main Street.

The committee was formed in the wake of the shooting death of an African American woman by a Baytown police officer in May with the intent of improving communication between law enforcement and the community.

The committee’s first meeting was June 29 at Mount Calvary Baptist Church.

The committee was set up at the request of Major Brandon Capetillo and is assisted by a facilitator from the Justice Department. Rev. Rafael Montgomery chairs the committee.

Representatives from the Baytown Police Department as well as members of the committee will be present to answer questions. Questions that cannot be answered right away will be written down and addressed at a future meeting.

The death of Pamela Turner near her apartment on Garth Road has prompted several demonstrations, both near the site of the shooting and at the Baytown Police Station.

It also prompted her sister, her daughter and several of their supporters to attend the City Council meeting Thursday to try to address the council.

Since no one from the group had made a request to address the council, several tried to speak on items already on the agenda.

Capetillo repeatedly reminded speakers that the council could only discuss issues that were on the agenda in conformity with the Texas Open Meetings Act.

He invited them to remain after the meeting to speak with him or to get with the city clerk to get on to a future agenda. He also reminded them of the upcoming meeting Saturday.

At the first meeting, Capetillo provided the welcome and conclusion of the meeting, but the discussion was led by Montgomery with occasional input from Kim Milstead, the conciliation specialist from the Justice Department.

Direct questions about Turner’s death were not addressed since that remains the subject of an investigation by the Texas Rangers, but a wide range of questions about police procedure and training were raised.

While this committee was formed in response to a particular incident, it builds on the work of previous community meetings led by Montgomery and Baytown police detective Lance Watkins that were held in the aftermath of the Ferguson, Missouri, death of a young black man.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

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