An elementary school dance got canceled, and police are now investigating what happened to the money that was supposed to have paid for it.

Goose Creek CISD officials called Baytown police Friday to report that money appeared to be missing from the Parent Teacher Organization at James Bowie Elementary School.

Police said about $6,000 was reported to be unaccounted for, and that detectives are investigating.

Goose Creek CISD spokeswoman Elizabeth Dombrowa said, “All PTO and booster officers are required to go through training that outlines the policies for organizations that raise funds on or for a GCCISD campus.

“The Bowie PTO board officers completed that training. Nevertheless, there is money missing from the PTO account that, thus far, cannot be explained.

“To that end, the district recommended--and the Board approved--that the PTO on the Bowie campus be disbanded until the matter can be resolved.”

She noted that PTOs and booster clubs are entirely separate entities from the school district, operate under their own bylaws and maintain their own finances.

At its Monday meeting, the school board voted to disaffiliate from the Bowie PTO. That means that the PTO can no longer raise money or have events on school property and cannot use the name of the school or its symbols.

“All remaining PTO activities for the remainder of the year have been canceled, which included a school dance that was scheduled for last week,” Dombrowa said.

In February of 2018, the former president of the PTO at Victoria Walker Elementary School pleaded guilty to stealing from that organization and was ordered to pay $25,000 in restitution.

Before that, misuse or theft of booster club funds led to the resignation of Ross S. Sterling High School Head Coad Pete Gareri in 2016, the resignation of the band booster club president at Goose Creek Memorial High School in 2015 and charges against the cheerleaders booster club president at Robert E. Lee High School in 2013.

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