Barbers Hill ISD earned all A’s, according to the Texas Academic Performance Report. 

 “We are extremely proud of our district achievement as reflected in our straight-A report card,” Sandra Duree, deputy superintendent of Curriculum/Instruction. “We know these results are due to our high expectations, a strategic plan, outstanding teachers, a supportive community, and great students.”

Dr. Greg Poole, the district’s superintendent, explained Barbers Hill’s


“The key to our success is actually consistency,” Poole said. “We continue to  maintain our high standards and high expectations in all areas.”

Poole said one of the main takeaways from the report is the performance of the  Barbers Hill ISD campuses.

“Our overall grade is a 95,” Poole said. “For our (socioeconomic status) number, that is the highest in the state. To clarify for our constituents that are deservedly proud, we had the highest academic score in the state for our SES number, and every campus got an A.”

Duree, along with Dr. Christine Bruton, Barbers Hill ISD’s assessment and accountability coordinator, gave a presentation of the report to the board Monday night, highlighting the district’s achievements. 

“This is a compilation of who we are,” Duree said. 

Bruton said she was proud to say the district earned an A rating.

“And I am also proud to say the only distinction our district was eligible for is post-secondary readiness. We are quite proud of this,” Bruton said.

Duree gave examples of the district’s performance, such as having 89% of its students approaching grade level on the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness for reading while the state average is 75%. For writing, the district earned 86%, while the state earned 68%. In science, the state average is 81%, while the district is 96%. For social studies, the state average is 81%, while Barber Hill’s is 92%. For math, the state average is 82%, while the districts is 96%.

For the STAAR Performance Rate by Subject and Performance Level, Barbers Hill scored 92% with the state average being 78%.

Duree and Bruton said they were proud of the progress made by non-proficient students from the year before. 

“A total of 41% of students that were not proficient the year before in the state became proficient this year,” Duree said. “But Barbers Hill’s number is 61%. That is a  20% increase over the state.”

For math in this category, the state average is 45%, and the district’s is 64%. 

The district also saw increases in the Student Success Initiative, which mainly focuses on fifth- and eighth-grade students.

In fifth grade reading, 78% of the students in the state passed the first time they took the STAAR test. For Barbers Hill, that number was 92%. Bruton said after intervention was provided, the number rose to 96%. 

In fifth grade math, the number went up from  97% to 99%. In eighth grade reading, the number elevated from 93% to 97%. Eighth-grade math stayed at 98%. 

“Our fifth- and eighth-grade students are successful,” Burton said. 

In the Bilingual Education/English as a Second Language section, where bilingual and ESL students took the STAAR test, the report showed Barbers Hill’s number is 92% while the state average is 78%. 

“We need to make sure we keep this in focus since our demographics are changing, and we are meeting the needs of all of our students,” Burton said. “Our curriculum department is focused on what we need to do to ensure we’re meeting everyone’s needs.”

For students ready for college, a career or the military, Barbers Hill’s number was 82.6%. The state average is 65.5%. 

“There is a deliberate effort to get that number to 100%, and we’re not going to stop until that happens,” Bruton said. 

Barbers Hill also outdid the state when it came to the attendance, graduation and dropout rate. The state average for this category is 95.4%, while Barbers Hill’s is 96.2%.

The entire report can be viewed by visiting

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To the naysayers and the people ringing their hands over some recent hair incident shouldn't this be what the people of Mont Belvieu deserve? An outstanding Barbers Hill Independent School District. Thanks to Dr. Poole and his outstanding staff...

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