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I think The Baytown Sun is trying to start a protest by having this vote.


When we name a public institution after a person, we are valorizing that person: we are saying that we admire that person and look up to them as an example of what we value in a person. I find it incomprehensible that we as a society would want to continue to valorize Robert E. Lee. We need to change the name.


Which proves you know absolutely nothing about Robert E. Lee.


Why now? Why not 50 years ago?


Yes, Robert E. Lee was a general in the Confederate Army from 1861-1865, but he was much more than that. Hr served in the U.S. Military for 32 years with distinguished service, and he served as president of Washington and Lee University from 1865 until his death. Yes, we should remove his picture as a Confederate general and replace it with his picture as a college president. Let’s keep the name and remember him as an educator instead of his role in the Confederate Army.


Both schools are Baytown establishments dating back decades. This wholesale pandering to the online rage mob must stop and it stops here. There will be no renaming of either school.


Every Gander that has ever been and will be are proud Ganders. Dont mess with Baytown history. Dont bring that mess to this town.


Once a Robert E. Lee Gander ALWAYS a Robert E. Lee Gander and proud of it. Can’t take that away from me.

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