Coffee shop opens on Texas Avenue

J&H Coffee Shop, 660 W. Texas Avenue, is open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Saturday. It serves coffee, tea, hot and cold coffee drinks, soft drinks, snow cones and fresh baked goods.

If you crave coffee but don’t like the corporate aftertaste of the big guys, Baytown has a brand new option close to Lee College with the opening of J&H Coffee Shop at 660 W. Texas Avenue, right behind the Green Apple hair salon.

I sampled it Wednesday on its third day to be open, and liked the vanilla J&H Coffee Shop Frosty that I got and really enjoyed meeting the owners, David and Sally Rofrano.

I’m sure the coffee is great, too, but something cold was a lot more appealing to me. The frosty was cold, smooth and sweet with just enough of a coffee edge to reassure me I getting my caffeine fix.

For those of you who really want to cool off, J&H also has snow cones (more on that later).

David and Sally are pretty much living the dream a lot of us have of getting out of the employment grind and doing your own thing.

About 14 years back, even before she met David, Sally said she and her daughter talked about wanting to open a coffee shop.

First, though, she went through school and worked a “real” job to get the background and financial security she needed. She worked as a surgical nurse, specializing in plastic surgery work.

Along the way, she met David, who led music at a large church.

They married and both dreamed of getting out on their own professionally.

They lived in Seabrook and discovered Baytown two years ago when they attended the Fourth of July concert at Bicentennial Park.

Baytown, David said, had a “cozy, hometown feel.”

“We were attracted to that--the lifestyle and feel,” he said.

Then, a little over a year ago, they came across a new building for sale in Baytown, right across the street from where they had parked for the concert.

“We came as soon as we saw it,” David said. “Sally said, Wow, this is it.”

They bought the building and built it out as his-and-her businesses — a studio for David to teach music lessons and a coffee shop for Sally to run.

In the meantime, they found out that one of their favorite Seabrook businesses, the Sno-Cone Express, was closing due to the road expansion project, and the owners had chosen to retire instead of rebuilding — so they bought the business.

Sally said they have the same snow cone selection that Sno-Cone Express had in Seabrook, and they use all of the same recipes the previous owners used for their fresh-made syrups.

Sally said the name of the coffee shop comes from the names of their daughters, Julianna and Haylee.

J&H Coffee Shop is open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Saturday. It serves coffee, tea, hot and cold coffee drinks, soft drinks, snow cones and fresh baked goods.

Mark Fleming is a Baytown Sun reporter. Contact him at


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