The Emanuels

This happened when it was Humble Oil.  My father started working for them in the late 20’s.  He was from Moscow, Texas.  Worked on a farm and heard about working for an oil company.  He hopped a freight train to Houston and got to Baytown.  Went to work for them. He hired in as Manry H. Emanuel.  He had no middle name.  He worked about 3 weeks and got home sick. Just walked off the job and went home.  After getting home and working his self to death in the fields he thought how crazy he was quitting the  job in Baytown making a heck lot more money and lots less work.  He came back to Baytown but thought if he went to hire in with his real name, Manry H., they would see walked off the job and not hire him.  Some way he made up the name Harvey for his middle name instead of just an initial.  So he hired in as Harvey Emanuel.  He worked till he died while still working in 1961.  He was a foreman for years.  Everyone knew him as Harvey but that was never his name.

Robert and Carolyn Emanuel

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