This restaurant listing is being updated regularly. 

If you are already listed and you change your hours or services please let us know. The listing will be published in the newspaper, digital and social media platforms. Call 832-477-7314 or email

Backdraft Restaurant - Highlands  Carry-out/Delivery5am - 8pm M-Th     5am - 8:30pm F-Sat 6am - 3pm Sun281-426-2388
Bayou City Wings Carry-out/Door Dash11am - 11pm Tue - Sat 11am - 10pm Sun - M281-422-3435
Chicken Express Baytown             Drive-thru10:30am - 10pm M-Sun281-421-8400
Chick-fil-A Baytown               Drive-thru6am - 10pm M-Sat281-421-5087
Chili's Baytown                  Carry-out11am - 9pm M-Sun281-421-1399
Crazy Cajun 11am - 9pm M-Sun281-839-1001
Crosby Smoothie King, 105 Kennings Rd #105-2A, Crosby7 am - 8 pm M-F, Sat. 8 am - 8 pm, Sunday 10 am - 8 pm281-666-1266
Cuban Café, free delivery within 7 miles, carry-out, curbside4 am - 5 pm, Baytown & Deer Park locations281-424-2233
Daniel's Meat Market         Carry-out/Free Delivery (10+ ppl)9am - 6pm M-Sun281-424-8612
Dickey's Barbeque - Hwy 146  Carry-out/Dine-in11am - 9pm M-Sun281-628-2286
Donut Wheel                    Carry-out4am - 1pm M-Sun281-422-9001
Dot's Catering8am - 5pm M-F832-767-9835
El Toro Garth Rd             Carry-out/Delivery/Door Dash11am - 8pm M-Sun281-421-1919
Executive Catering         DeliveryDelivering around the clock281-837-4000
Floyd's Cajun Seafood - Mont Belvieu   Carry-out/Dine-in3pm - 8pm281-930-7858
Fuzzy's Taco Shop            Carry-out/Dine-in7am - 9pm M-Sun281-918-0956
Hooters                              Carry-out/Free Delivery ($30+)11am - 12am M-Th  11am -1am F-Sat  11am - 11pm Sun832-514-2366
I-Hop                    Carry-out/Waitr/Uber Eats/Door Dash6am - 10pm M-Sun281-421-9555
Jason's Deli                        Carry-out/Door Dash10am - 10pm M-Sun281-422-5434
Johnny Carino's, Carry-out/Uber Eats/Door Dash/Post Mates11:30am - 8pm Sun-Th        11:30am - 9pm F-Sat281-421-7077
Junior's Smokehouse9am - 5pm M-F              9am - 2pm Sat       Closed Sun281-426-2929
KFC/Taco Bell - Hwy 146   Drive-thru10am - 2am Sun-Th  10am - 3am F-Sat281-573-2867
Lenox Barbeque                Carry-out/Delivery11am - 2pm M-F713-926-2649
Lercy's Diner West            Carry-out/Dine-in10:30am - 2pm M-F  4pm - 8pm Th-F281-576-6975
Luna's - Baytown              Carry-out/Free Delivery ($200+)10am - 9pm M-Sun281-421-5661
Main 101 Grill                    Carry-out10am - 7pm M-Sun281-470-8484
Mambo's Seafood             Carry-out/Delivery11am - 10pm Sun-Th  11am - 11pm F-Sat832-926-7551
McDonald's - Garth@Baker Drive-thru24 Hours281-420-6082
McDonald's - N Alexander  Drive-thru24 Hours281-427-3851
McDonald's - Garth@Decker  Drive-thru24 Hours281-420-3553
McDonald's - Garth@I-10   Drive-thru24 Hours281-421-4950
Mustard Seed, Bay Plaza, 2224 N. Alexander Drive10 am - 2 pm M-F281-422-3400
Orsino New York Pizzeria  Carry-out/Waitr10am - 10pm M-Sun281-839-7097
Papa John's Pizza               Carry-out/Delivery10am - 11pm M-Sun281-427-7200
Pipeline Grill                       Carry-out/Delivery/GrubHub11am - 9pm M-Sun281-428-1900
Red Lobster                       Carry-out11am - 10pm Sun-Th  11am - 11pm F-Sat281-421-5656
Robinette & Company Caterers  Carry-out/Delivery3pm - 6pm M-F281-326-3663
Sabor of Mexico Ice Cream Shop     Carry-out, DoorDash208 W. Texas Avenue, closes at 9 pm, regular hours(346) 232-8321
Salata                                     Carry-out/Door Dash/Waitr10:30am - 8pm M-Sun832-473-7700
Saltgrass Steak House       Carry-out/Waitr/Door Dash11am - 8pm M-Sun281-421-0163
Shogun Japanese Grill - Hwy 146           Carry-out/Dine-in11am - 10pm M-Sun281-918-0411
Snowflake Bakery             Carry-out/Drive-thru5am - 12pm M-Sun Lobby                         5am -2pm Drive-thru281-427-4423
Southern Komfort Kitchen   Carry-out/Del. w/ special offers11am - 9pm Sun-Th  11am - 10pm F-Sat281-867-9231
Steve's BBQ & Catering         Carry-out10:30-7 M-F and 10:30-4 Saturday(281) 427-5584
Taco Cabana, Carry-out/Drive-thru/Free Del/Door Dash/Uber Eats/GrubHub/Favor/Post Mates6am - 10pm M-Sun281-839-2551
Teapot Depot                    Carry-out10:30am - 2pm with exceptions, just call 281-426-3670
Texas Roadhouse              Carry-out/Curbside12pm - 8pm M-Sun281-421-3060
Wazabi Sushi Bar   Carry-out/Curbside $5 delivery in 5 milesBaytown 281-837-3095 & Atascocita
Whataburger Hwy 146         Drive-thru/Curbside24 Hours - Drive-thru   8am - 8pm Curbside281-573-9363
Whataburger Decker        Drive-thru/Curbside24 Hours - Drive-thru   8am - 8pm Curbside281-428-7257
Whataburger I-10                 Drive-thru/Curbside24 Hours - Drive-thru   8am - 8pm Curbside281-421-2191

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