My favorite memories deal with my many years at Travis Elementary.

Travis’ mascot is a tiger.  SO I thought that we should have the Refinery for our partner in education. The Chamber had just started this program, so I went to “The White House” to visit Sherman Glass. I would like to say that the addition of a partnership was easy, but not so!  The reason was “We help all schools and can’t favor one.” I still can see (in my mind) sitting outside the manager’s office.

However, I continued to plead my case and eventually I was successful. Sherman Glass allowed our partnership to flourish. It was so successful that I was awarded about 20 engineers in my classroom tutoring math! It was so wonderful to have this hands-on tutoring.  The engineers were allowed to take the last hour of their workday at Travis 5th grade. What a grand partnership! The students were successful,

And this partnership was off to a great start.

Shortly afterward I became principal of Travis. Someone complained about ExxonMobil so the Air Quality Board set up a public hearing. If you know me at all, you know I am not shy about public speaking. BUT I tell you that walking down that long aisle in the Community Building was the most nervous feeling I have ever experienced. I was sworn in and testified about the BEST NEIGHBOR Travis could have.

I could ramble on and on. I was a guest at the 75th celebration...wonderful experience ... I was a guest at a Steven Covey seminar ... I was given the go-ahead for celebration of being named an Exemplary school at Dave and Busters at the Warwick ... I had a wonderful, wonderful neighbor!

Brenda Dykes

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