Anyone that attends a video shoot Saturday at the USS Texas Battleship will receive a bumper sticker they can display to show support in bringing the historic ship to Baytown.

Anyone supporting moving the USS Texas Battleship to Bayland Island is invited to participate in a video shoot to help promote bringing the historic dreadnought to Baytown.  

Russell Hamman, a local historian who operates the “Hamman’s Baytown History...with a Twist” Facebook page, said the video shoot will involve drone photography and a hand-held video camera. 

The video shoot is taking place at 10 a.m. at the Battleship Texas State Historic site, 3523 Independence Parkway, La Porte this Saturday. 

“I invite all Baytonians to come out to the USS Texas Battleship and strongly encourage you to bring your kids, and even grandkids,” Hamman said. “This is about the future of the battleship in Baytown and the pride they will feel.”

Hamman said the video is to show folks at the Battleship Texas Foundation how serious the town is about moving the ship to Bayland Island. 

“They have given us unprecedented access to the ship to film it in a way it has never been filmed before,” Hamman said. 

This includes dramatic footage from the air of the battleship, with both day and night shots as well as a sunrise.

Hamman said he is expecting about 200 people to attend. 

“When the crowd arrives, they will be configured into a giant heart and the shape of the State of Texas in the parking lot,” Hamman said. “I encourage teachers to tell their students who should tell their parents about it. Also, if you have a Texas or an American flag, please bring it. You can also dress in patriotic colors - red, white and blue.”

In addition to the drone footage, Hamman said people would be interviewed about their thoughts and feelings concerning the battleship. He added they should expect to be there for about an hour.

“We are hoping to get every Baytonian that believes the battleship needs to come here and that we can take care of her,” Hamman said.

For those that attend, the first 150 adults will receive a free bumper sticker with the message “Bring the Battleship to Baytown.” This is also the name of a local foundation that promotes the idea of bringing the ship to Bayland Island. There is also a Facebook site set up with this tagline. In addition, the first 150 children will receive a miniature version of the bumper sticker. 

“With the bumper stickers and many decals we will hand out, you can show your pride for the battleship and your desire to have it in Baytown by displaying them,” Hamman said. 

After the filming at the battleship, the crowd is invited to travel to Bayland Island for the second half of the video shoot. This will entail configuring the crowd into an arrow, so when the video is taken from the air, it will show where the ship will go when it is brought to Baytown. 

Hamman said they plan to take a drone shot from the Fred Hartman Bridge looking toward Bayland Island and will superimpose the hotel/convention center expected to be constructed in that area along with a depiction of the battleship according to scale. 

The video will also be set to Texas-inspired music.

“The reason we are making this film is to build up pride and momentum for the good citizens of Baytown that want the USS Texas battleship here,” Hamman said. “And once it gets here, they will do their part to ensure it is maintained.”

Hamman said he expects the film to be ready for release within a week after shooting. 

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