The first positive cases on COVID-19 have been reported in Chambers and Liberty counties. 

The Chambers County Public Health reported its first positive case of COVID-19 in Chambers County, a woman between 50 and 60 years old. 

Brian Ligon, City of Mont Belvieu spokesman, confirmed the woman is a Mont Belvieu resident. The Chambers County health department indicated the Mont Belvieu case appears to be travel-related and not because of community spread. 

“Chambers County Public Health Department did let us know on Saturday evening that there is a patient in Mont Belvieu that did test positive for coronavirus COVID-19,” Ligon said. 

Ligon said the woman is quarantined, in stable condition, and resting at home. Ligon added the woman, as well as those she had been in immediate contact with, is being monitored by Chambers County Public Health staff.

“While we understand that it may be upsetting to know that there has been a confirmed case in Mont Belvieu, there is no reason for panic,” Ligon said. “By working together and adhering to the guidelines that have been put in place by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - including physical distancing, avoiding crowds of more than 10 people, good hand washing and hygiene, and staying at home and away from others when mildly sick – we can help prevent community spread.”

Chambers County Fire Marshal Ryan Holzaepfel said emergency management is handling things so far in the county 

“We are just encouraging everyone to continue following these guidelines from the (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), President Trump, the governor and county judge regarding social distancing and proper hygiene,” Holzaepfel said. “If everyone sticks to these, we’ll all pull through together.”  

Another case was confirmed in Liberty County. 

Liberty County Judge Jay Knight said the woman is in the northern part of the county, in Cleveland. 

“It is just one verified case, so far,” Knight said. “The State Department of Health Services was notified immediately upon receipt of the test results. They are investigating that. Right now, no other cases have come back yet. Praise the Lord. She has been quarantined.”

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