An emergency management truck, along with a few tents, is an early sign Stallworth Stadium is soon to be a testing site for COVID-19.

Harris County Public Health and law enforcement officials are working on setting up Stallworth Stadium as a testing site for COVID-19. 

The site is not open yet, and no one should go to the stadium expecting to be tested until HCPH officials announce it is open.

Some law enforcement personnel were at the stadium Wednesday, making preparations to turn the stadium’s parking lot into a testing center. 

There were reports the sites were opening Wednesday, but these turned out to be false. 

In a statement released by the HCPH, it said for people not to show up at a location that may have been identified as a testing site as of yet.  

“You will not be tested for COVID-19, and your presence could unintentionally put others at risk, cause delays, and interrupt the healthcare professionals who are working expeditiously to open the testing sites,” the statement read. 

Dee Marlow, HCPH spokeswoman, said they had received many questions on when and where the testing sites will be located. 

“We are still finalizing locations and procedures,” Marlow said. “Once that is ready, we will share it with everyone. Right now, we do not have all of the details yet. 

The reason we do not want to release information yet until it is finalized is we do not want people to show up to a location when they may it is a testing site or not. 

Testing will be for high-risk groups with symptoms that have been through a screening process and for those people only. So, we wanted to finalize all of our procedures, have all the details ready and then we’ll announce it.”

Marlow added the department is working diligently to get the testing sites open. 

“We want to shoot for this week,” she said.

Goose Creek CISD officials were asked about when the stadium would be ready as a test site but were tightlipped on any times or dates.

“The agencies coordinating the effort will make an announcement,” Susan Passmore, district spokeswoman, said. 

The health department said anyone currently experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should contact their healthcare provider. Harris County residents without access to healthcare can call the triage line for COVID-19-related questions from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week at 713-634-1110.

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