Chambers County

A second case of the COVID-19 virus has been reported in Chambers County. 

Chambers County Public Health said the patient is a woman between 40 and 50 years old. She lives in West Chambers County and is currently at home, isolated and in stable condition.

Fire Marshal Ryan Holzaepfel said no other information about the patient is being released because of privacy concerns. He added the case is not travel-related, and health department staff is monitoring her. 

Public health staff and epidemiology researchers are investigating the patient. They are also conducting interviews with her and identifying all individuals associated with the case. If anyone is considered a possible risk of contact, exposure or infection, they will be contacted for further investigation, Holzaepfel said.

“We ask our community to continue to stay home and stay safe,” Health Services Director Mary Beth Bess said. “The protective measures (County Judge Jimmy Sylvia) has implemented are to protect our county from community spread. Please do your best to do your part to protect each other.”

The first case in Chambers County, a Mont Belvieu woman, was confirmed Monday by Chambers County health officials. The woman is between 50 and 60 years old and is quarantined. This case appears to be travel-related and not community spread.

The Chambers County health department and the Texas Department of Health Services are continuing to monitor COVID-19 in the county in preparation for more cases. They also recommend following published guidance from the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, including social distancing, practicing good hygiene, staying at home, and staying away from those that appear sick. 

To contact the Chambers County health department, call 409-267-2731. You can also visit or       

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