Students at Ashbel Smith Elementary School have penned several letters in support of bringing the Battleship Texas to Baytown. Here are some of those letters.

• I think we should have the USS Texas in Baytown because it is cool and we can learn about it. And it is an important piece of history, and I think that we should move it to Baytown so more people will come and visit the museum. And they might come with money and buy something in Baytown, so we will get more money and get to do more fun stuff.


• I think we should get the USS Texas in Baytown because it reminds us about what happened in the war. Everyone would want to see it, and I would love to see it.


• I think Baytown should be the new home for the USS TExas because the schools could get more field trips, bigger playgrounds, better lunches and own Ipads/laptops. You can also give money to other schools for what we have and donate to others that have no home or good.


• I think Baytown should be the new home for the USS Texas because I want to see the battleship – it sounds cool. Baytown can make tons of money from visitors coming, we can improve our schools and do more fun things. So the USS Texas should be brought here.


• I think Baytown should be the new home for the USS Texas because our school could be helped by giving us better and healthier food. We could have more field trips, more library books and more. We could have more history in our city. Baytown would be famous and we could have better jobs and homes. We could be happy forever.


• I think it would be a good idea to move the USS Texas to Baytown so many more people can come and see the battleship and visit Baytown. And see that Baytown works hard and it would show that we don’t give up and that we like to win. I would like more people to come to baytown so that it can be a bigger town and have meet new people.


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