I am Amy S. Currie (age 91 and a happy/healthy life-long native of Goose Creek/Baytown). I love ExxonMobil!

I first went to work for Humble Oil & Refining Company in January 1949 in Research & Development Department headed by Dr. Sherman Shaffer and Dr. Art Draeger.

Immediately after graduating from Robert E. Lee High School in 1946, I began working for DuPont in La Porte while they were constructing their plant (which entailed crossings from Baytown to La Porte on the ferry both coming and going).

I was assigned to the Accounting Department and typed cost reports on a 27-inch manual typewriter. While working there, I took courses at Lee College, which at that time were held in evenings at Robert E. Lee High School.

My Dad worked/retired Humble Oil – and my husband went to work there prior to our November 1947 marriage. His father was recruited to play baseball on the Humble Oilers ball club and worked there until his untimely death in January 1930 from complications of appendix surgery. Humble Oil then hired his mother (widow with three children) who worked until her retirement in May 1957. His brother (who was seven years older than he) worked there until retirement (before and after serving as a Marine in WWII).

Also, each of my three children were involved as well. My daughter worked in the summer as a steno before attending/graduating from the University of Texas and becoming CPA. One of our sons worked as Lab Technician before finishing his degree from University of Houston and becoming CPA. Our youngest son worked part-time while in high school and junior college, but after graduation from Sam Houston University he became full-time employee and worked 30+ years prior to his retirement.

My husband and I retired in October 1982 (he with 36+ years and I with 31+ years). However, I went back to work for Exxon Chemical on a non-regular basis for 20+ more years.

My husband died in August 2018 after 70+ years of marriage. Bur you’ll notice that he enjoyed about the same number of years of retirement as number of years of employment.

I loved the work, the people I worked with/around, and the stimulating work environment!

September 24, 2019

Amy S. Currie

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