In the face of millions of Americans losing their jobs as the coronavirus pandemic continues to shut down the nation, there are plenty of opportunities that will gladly fill the gap.

Multiple reports have filed in, including those from the Wall Street Journal and CNN, detailing that while restaurants, bars, movie theaters and the like have had to cut work staff, retail outfits and pizza chains are thriving in an attempt to maintain the new normal.

Retail stores such as Walmart and CVS, convenience shops like 7-Eleven, pizza joints and grocery stores are in need of workers to help with the growing demands of online ordering and delivery.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a half-million jobs are needing to be filled by retail stores, including giants, Amazon.

These needs have spilled over into the Baytown area.

“We were fully staffed before this happens, but we are now pursuing our normal hiring practices,” Baytown H-E-B unit director Gary Schmalfeldt said. “So, they would go on to the website for any positions that we have opened. The temp positions are also being taken care of for temp jobs. There is an offsite location for training as well.

“You just don’t know where it’s going to go. We anticipate it going for a couple of months at least.”

Many grocery stores are hoping to find more hands for aid in stocking shelves as demand remains high for many items. A number of area grocery stores can be seen with barren shelves due to the pandemic.

Ordering meals in is also becoming a staple of today’s new normal and pizza establishments have reported increases in takeout orders.

Brooklyn Pizzeria in Baytown hasn’t seen a major rush, but they still are open to the need for more drivers.

“We’re still trying to deliver, and we are hoping we can get by,” manager Jordan Mintz said. “Some days it’s totally busy and others it’s totally dead because of the panic.”

IKEA’s distribution center is looking to fill full-time general warehouse positions as per the corporate website.

The job includes lifting 50 pounds and a lot of sitting, standing and walking for up to 10 hours at a time while handling high volume workloads.

Locally, there are no recent job postings for work in the Baytown area via the website, however the Houston locations are seeking customer service and call center support positions and warehouse and stocking positions to be filled since being posted within the last week.

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