When I graduated from high school, I planned to attend college.  My father, Clyde Grayson, worked for Humble and told me I am not sending a girl to college.  You will meet some guy and get married and waste my money.  He told me I can get a job at Humble.  I was not happy about not going to college, but at 18 years old I was hired by Humble in Dec. 1962.  At the time I had to begin working as a mail girl at the old Main Office for Humble.  That building of course was torn down years ago.  I remember walking from the parking lot to the Main Office in the morning.  On some occasions when my father worked shift work, he would walk out of the plant gate and we would pass each other in the parking lot.  I know he was very proud of me.  I retired from ExxonMobil Chemical Co. in 2001 after 28 years of service.  I was secretary to the site manager.   In my career I worked for Humble, Exploration Division in Houston at 800 Bell, Exxon Research and Engineering, Exxon Chemical Co. and ExxonMobil Chemical Co.  Working at Humble in the old Main Office was like being with one big happy family.  There are two people I still have lunch with once a month who I worked with in the 1960's.  My son, Scott Simmons, after graduating with a Chemical Engineering Degree from LSU at one point in his career worked for Exxon in Baton Rouge, La.  My father gave me good advice about working for Humble.  He told me to buy as much Exxon Stock as I could and not sale.  It has certainly paid off in retirement.

Nancy Grayson Foerster  

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